Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Five Happy Things- Inspired by Hey Harriet

Harriet of 'Hey Harriet' who is a fellow team-mate of mine on the POE team (Photographers of Etsy), has posted a new blog entitled 'Five Happy Things'. In her blog she posted 5images of the things that make her happy. What a brilliant idea!
So here it goes, the 5 things that make me the happiest on earth:

travelling the world
Photographing Soon-To-Be mothers
Looking at the sky (especially if there are clouds!)
Amazing sunsets (The most amazing sunsets I've ever seen were at the dessert)
A real good cup of coffee!

Thanks Harriet :)


missknits said...

these are all great happy things!! great pics!

PonderandStitch said...

I love this post! Your happy things are great, and the photos are even better. That photo of the sunset in the desert is amazing. Thanks for posting!

luthien said...

sometimes the simplest things can make one happy :) life should be just like that :)

Mana Moon Studios said...

Wonderful choices Tali, just beautiful!

Hey Harriet said...

Oh I love love love your happy list Tali! What glorious photos! I can especially relate to the joy of a good cup of coffee. Wish I could meet up and have one with you. With cake too! Thanks so much for posting your happy things. I really enjoyed them all :)

Bri said...

Great pictures, and great ideas! I will say, the sunsets are always the best in the desert. :)

Dallas Shaw said...

looks delicious- you are up to alot of things on your blog! wonderful!


Pam Lefcourt said...

Tali~I love, love your list of things that make you happy! I also love your belly shots. I could shoot myself, I saw this beautiful veil at a local thrift shop I thought would be great as a wrap around for bellies and I didn't but it, and now it's gone...boohoo. Happy New Year to you.