Thursday, July 02, 2009

Past, Present, & perhaps the future

I was born 31 years ago in Montreal Canada, to an Israeli dad and a French-Canadian mom, and though I could have grown up in Canada, my parents had other plans... My parents decided to move to Israel, and so the family- mom, dad, my older sister, and myself (only 4 months old) had picked up and moved to the land of milk & honey.
I grew up in Israel, went to school here, and even served my mandatory time (and a bit more) in the Israeli Army. But my feet were always itching to move around, to explore the world.
At 21, after my release from the army, I finally got my chance to "scratch that itch". I packed a bag and went back-packing through South & Central America. That's where I got my Passion for photography!
9 months later, and a million priceless adventures & memories, I was back in the Holy Land, and though I was happy to be back home, my feet were itching again, and without realizing it, I was constantly searching for that next adventure.
And so it came! Circumstances (which I won't elaborate on at this point) have brought me to visit L.A. California. The intention was to stay one month, but life had other plans, and that month turned into 4.5 years.
Life in L.A. wasn't always on the up side, but all in all I loved it. I studied there, I worked there, I struggled there. I've made life-long friends there, bought my first car there, lived on my own there. I had my heart jump for joy, skip a bit, fall to the ground, and climb up to the sky there. To sum it all, I LIVED there.
But as it was bound to happen sooner or later, the itch had come back, and I had to scratch.
It was off to Vancouver, Canada from there. I packed up my car, loaded the camera with film, and the CD player with good music, and with tears of joy and sadness, I got on the road up north.
I reached Canada 3 days later, and was overwhelmed by it's beauty. (I was also overwhelmed by how freezing it was up there!!). It wasn't an easy beginning, as I knew absolutely no one there, but I somehow managed to build a life for myself in my new surroundings.
I stayed in Van (as we call it...) for 3.5 years, and I loved (nearly) every minute of it! I travelled around beautiful British Columbia, climbed a few mountains, swam in some gorgeous lakes, drove around, walked around, took buses and sky-trains, I got wet, and dry, and frozen cold. I experienced life to it's fullest in Vancouver, I really did, and though I could see myself living there forever, that constant itch was starting to burn up
With a heavy heart and mixed emotions, I decided it was time to move back home, to Israel.
I arrived in Israel in mid-March 2008, and although I miss Vancouver, and although I've had a few disappointments and culture-shocks since I've been back, coming home was the BEST decision!
Since I've been back I had moved in with the love of my life (my crush from the 10th grade), then married him in front of all our friends and families. I had reconnected with old friends, and have made quite a few new ones. I have started my own business, designed my new website, opened shop online, and reinvented myself career wise.
I am content. I am HAPPY!

As for the future, well you can never know, but one thing's for sure, the itch will be back, as I am a gypsy at heart! The question is where would it want to take me, and will I follow...?

Here's a glimpse of photos from my years in L.A. & Vancouver

Mammoth Mountain, California

Body, Death Valley, California

Somewhere in Oregon State, USA

Stanley Park, Vancouver, BC

The Burrard Bridge, Vancouver, BC

Midnight Fog, Vancouver Port, East Vancouver, BC


TheEye said...

wow... I enjoyed reading this very much! you have a wonderful style of writing and your life has been soooooo interesting! (and you are BEAUTIFUL by the way) I look forward reading more of your writings and learning more about you. Your photos are just wonderful... love the midnight fog from vancouver and all the other photos as well.... nicely done!!

daughterofcancer said...

Awesome! I didn't know you were born in Canada - good to know. You're not going to know this comment is from me by my login, so it's Talia (Klein). :-)

Good luck with the blog!!! :-)

Mana Moon Studios said...

Oh Tali this is absolutely beautiful!! I loved reading about all your adventures, thank you so much for sharing them. I could relate to so much of what you shared as I'm from LA, have traveled in South America and used to have a dear friend from Israel. This world is small indeed!
All the best ~ Sharon

Cat Ludwig Studio said...

Your life is amazing! So happy you started a blog. I'll keep my eyes open for new postings. Love your photography and I'm glad I found you on Etsy.

luthien said...

hello tali :)
what an awesome life you have had and are still having :) love reading about your adventures and all the wonderful emotions that go with it :) you write really well because i can feel and see everything you write:) God bless and hugs from malaysia :) luthien :))

Catherine said...

I loved reading about your adventures so far! You're very brave to step out on your own like that! Your photography is stunning and I'm looking forward to seeing where life continues to take you! :)

Dawn said...

Tali, I am a Canadian girl - I live in Alberta currently, but have lived in Vancouver and on Vancouver Island and within a year, may be moving back there♥ So nice to share that in common with you and I'm so happy you're part of our Inspiration Team.

Hugs from Canada!