Friday, July 10, 2009

The Story of My Hubbie & Me

To those of you who know me personally, you have probably heard this one before...
My husband and I grew up 2 years apart, in the same little city in Israel, called Ra'anana. I first knew of him when I was in high school. I was a Sophomore and he was a Senior. I was in my click of friends, and he had his, and they didn't mix.
For me, it was very hard not to know who he was, as he was a handsome 1/2 part of a twin set. Every girl in the 2 year range bellow and above them (the twins) knew who they were. But as I said before, we were in different clicks, different grades, and we simply never made contact. (though in my fantasies we talked a lot...)
High-School went by, so did the army years, the travelling, and 7.5 (+/-) years in L.A. and Canada, and destiny brings us in contact again... OK, not really destiny, more like, me helping destiny...
I was still in Canada at that time, preparing for my upcoming return home to Israel. It was just one of those nights with nothing else to do but Facebook checkups. People who know me, know how much time I spend on Facebook (what can I say, I've got friends all over the globe and this is a great way to keep in touch...). Well, at that specific evening I had found my future husband on Facebook. He had become a "facebook friend" of a mutual friend, and when I saw his name I just had to send out a friend request. I honestly thought he wouldn't even react to it, but I was wrong. He had accepted.
Well, to make a long story short, after he had accepted I started writing to him, and he wrote back. We talked about my home-coming, about our families, about his life so far, and mine. It didn't take too long (a few days maybe) for us to realize we were hooked! We soon began utilizing every communication source that was available to us, so we could keep in touch and get to know each-other better. So it started with Facebook emails, and then MSN chatting, and then Skype conversations, and phone calls. We would talk 2-3 times a day, chat when one of us was at work, text "good night" and "good morning" messages on our cells... we were two people falling in-love btwn two very far apart continents.
This had to last two whole months, as it took me that long to get my life organized for the big move from Vancouver back to Israel.
The day I arrived back in Israel, was also the day we first met in person. He had come to the airport to pick me up! And from the airport we went back to his flat, which was now also MY flat- he had opened his home to me, and we moved in together!
We were in cloud 9. Finally together, and in love. And if that wasn't enough, the cherry on my cake came only 3.5 weeks later-
He Proposed To Me!!
I of course accepted, and 6 months later we were husband and wife!
Now, married almost a year, we are still mad about each-other. He is my "Happily Ever After"!
These are a few pages from our wedding album, which I designed (check out my album on Photographs done by Adi Eyal Photographers
The makeup and hair prep

Couple shoot

More couple shoot

...and then they were three- The twins & me

Our gorgeous wedding venue

The ceremony

best man speech

The first dance as Mr. & Mrs.

Dancing the night away


luthien said...

omg! that was absolutely sweeter than honey! a fairytale love story that every girl dreams of :) and you two look so cute and comfortable together :) simply beautiful!

heidisblog said...

What an amazing and sweet story. What distance love will travel, what obstacles it will endure to bring us together. Thank you for the smile you have placed on my face this morning.

NighBluey said...

Wow, all I can say right now is Wow, to it ALL! (and I am not often at a loss for words!)...beautiul story, couple, pictures...I wish you much love for a long, long time....

Fítheal said...

Beautiful story! Great Pictures! Wow!

Gwen Paja said...

i love your story! thanks for sharing and letting us hopeless romantics dabble in your real life everyday fairytale..


Mana Moon Studios said...

What a magical life you've lived only to find your prince! I'm so happy for you both and the photos you shared are magnificent!

Kelly Schulz said...

I love this story and your blog is so neat! Thanks for sharing :)

Rareimage Photography said...

Beautiful story and images!

Dawn said...

Such a beautiful love story! You're wonderful to share it with us all. May you have many happy years of bliss together♥

Best Wishes, Dawn

Yayin said...

i had a good idea about the story, but not the all the details. glad everything worked out.

Aileen T

TheEye said...

I enjoyed this very much ... thanks for sharing your wedding day with us. You look radiant on your wedding day! so happy and loved! I wish you a happy lifetime together.

The Gossamer Tearoom said...

Hi Tali!
I'm new to the Inspriration Avenue group and just wanted to stop in and say "Hello!". I really love your photography and the story of how you and your husband met and the pictures of your wedding are just great! My husband was in Tel Aviv once a few years ago and he really loved it. I'm looking forward to getting to know you better.

Wishing you a great day,