Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Forever In My Life

This one is for you- Andrew!

I'm sure you all have a person or two that have crossed your path of life way back when, that have had an influence, or an affect on your life, that were a positive ray of light and in a way, still are.
I do. There are a few, but as the line above says, I am here talking about Andrew.
I met Andrew years ago when I was living in LA. He was a friend of a friend, and they actually lived in neighbouring buildings. He had come from Chicago to LA a few years prior, to try his luck at the music industry. We met by fluke one day, when I came by our friends' place to return something. Our friend wasn't there, but Andrew was... And he was charming and intriguing, and persistent. He asked for my number, but I didn't give it so easily. Instead I told him to find our friend and ask him for my number... I of course waited that whole evening for a call that never came... I did find out later he was so crushed when he couldn't find our friend, and therefore couldn't call me...
Luckily, a few days later our friend was celebrating his birthday, and he called to invite me for early drinks with a couple of his friends... Guess who was there... Andrew. From that point on he was sticking to me like glue, and by the end of the night, I couldn't resist his (honest) charms. I soon found out he was just what I needed- a kind, warm hearted guy, who wanted nothing but my company!
The sad thing about it all though, was that we met at the worst time ever! Andrew by then had come to the end of his road in LA, and he was home bound to Chicago merely 4 days later. So we made the most out of those 4 days, and in the end we said (a teary) goodbye... Till a week later
Andrew had planned to stop in San Francisco on his way to Chicago to visit with some friends. When he arrived in SF he knew he wanted to spend more time with me, and so a week after we parted our ways, he came knocking on my door, and we had another wonderful week together... and then goodbye came once more.
Andrew went back home, and a couple of months later I came for a week's visit to Chicago. It was great to see him again, and be able to spend more time around him... but again, in the end, we had to say goodbye.
That week in Chicago was the last time I had seen Andrew in person, and this was about 6 years ago. But throughout this whole time, no matter where life took me (LA, Canada, Israel) or him (Kossavo, NY, Chicago), and no matter how many relationships we each had since, he has always been there in my life, as was I, from afar. I know that no matter what or who puts me down, I can call upon Andrew to lift me back up again. He has always known what words to say, what songs to play (or sing), and what jokes to tell.
Now that I am going through yet another bump in my road, it was no surprise to have Andrew by my (cyber) side, for a good cheer-me-up conversation, a good laugh, and as needed, a few good compliments to get the ego boost back up ;)
Andrew, you are always in my heart!

These three images were taken that week we spent together in LA (circa 2003)

A photo I took of Andrew during my visit to Chicago
If you have your own "Andrew" tell me about him/her :)


Almost Precious said...

Many people are met along life's winding path. Some cast scarcely a shadow, while others become a memorable presence. The hand of fate, of destiny is mysterious yet incredibly inspiring.

Christie Cottage said...

What a wonderful post!

I had an "Andrew". He was my soul mate. He married me and we had a wonderful life together until his unexpected death on 01/11/01.

And suddenly, I have tears rolling down.

luthien said...

the post is so sweet :) mayb just mayb you should go and look for andrew :))

christie's comment put a lump in my throat ...

PonderandStitch said...

Oooo Andrew with a guitar, even!!! I like Andrew. :)

Cat Ludwig Studio said...

Andrew is a charmer! You are both so lucky to have each other. I am glad he is there for you.

Coastal Sisters said...

I love the black and whites of Andrew...just wonderful :)


KnockKnocking said...

What a touching, sweet tribute! beautiful honey.


the Lost Earring said...

Oh this is the kind of story that kills me! :) It's so neat that you've managed to stay in touch over the years--hard to do it seems. I love those photos. I hope this story between you will go on for many chapters to come :)

Mana Moon Studios said...

It's wonderful to have someone like this in your life!

Hey Harriet said...

Andrew sounds like a great guy and it's lovely to have a special someone who's always there for us in times of need. You and Andrew are lucky to have each other :)

Tammy said...

Tali, It's so nice to have someone like Andrew in your life. Sounds like you two have blessed one another in many ways through the years.