Saturday, August 08, 2009

On my way forward

On a random web search I happen to come across an old children's book I haven't read since I was 5. "Oh The Places You'll Go" was one of my favorite reads by Dr. Seuss, and I think it couldn't have been more appropriate for me today.
We all go through life experiencing ups and downs. We have good moments and bad ones. There are many bumps in this road, some easier to hop over than others, some could even be frustrating and confusing that we forget where we were heading. The secret is how you move on, how you find the way to hop over every obstacle, how you readjust your road map when you are being re-routed. It's not always easy, I speak from experience, but no one handed us an "easy pass through life" ticket along with the toosh slapping and the cord cutting at that first day we had on earth...
So as I tackle through my own personal road bump, I know it wouldn't take too long before I am back on that path. I know I have so many more places to go, goals to achieve, and great happiness to find! This is just a bump, a big one, yet still a bump, in a very long road of life!
To those of you who have never seen or read this book, here it is out load on YouTube


Mana Moon Studios said...

Beautiful and so true!

Coastal Sisters said...


It was one of my favorites when I was little and still is. My sister and I always say to each other "ohhhhhhh, the places we'll go"....what a great post Tali!

xoxo, L

the Lost Earring said...

I love Seuss too! He wrote for everyone :)

I taught preschool for 6 years and always enjoyed reading his books--the kids loved all of the rhyming! Another great one, lesser known for some reason, is "What Was I Scared Of?" by Dr Seuss.

PonderandStitch said...

What a great post!! I, too, love this seems to have different meaning as an adult, huh? I'm so happy you posted this..I think I'm feeling the same as you right about now. We all have our road bumps..

When it comes to Seuss, I think my favorite is The Lorax.. "I am the Lorax, I speak for the trees!" haha.

I also saw you couldn't see my video on my blog..maybe you can try this link:

(but don't get your hopes up- it is nothing fascinating!)

peachyteach said...

You and Dr. Seuss are both so right. I have no doubt that you will deal with the bumps in your road with grace and strength.