Saturday, August 15, 2009

Weekend Favorites- Furniture

Since all that occupies me these days is the search for a new home, I thought it is only appropriate to focus my favorites on to a related subject- furniture.
I love unique, multi functioning items. Furniture pieces that you don't see in every home you go to (sorry Ikea, as much as I love you, it's definitely not unique...). Items that you spend more than a glance looking at. With these thoughts in mind, I have created today's collection of 12 unique, interesting, beautiful pieces. Check out their makers stores for more uniqueness and beauty!

2. Flat Patterns LLC- Eiffel Coffee Table
3. KALA Studio- Phila Chair
4. Delia- Steel Panel Bed
5. Michael Arras- Circles Table
6. Henry Levine Design- Pedestal Night Tables
7. Industrial Spot- Box Life Book Cabinet
8. Scot Bailey Design- Cut.Glue.Table
9. Galahad Dumfries- Dundee Dark Coffee Table
10. hrvojeVulama- Chairs Simple 2009
11. Wook Woodworking- Bamboo Hive Cabinet
12. HarBenger2- Cart Chair


Almost Precious said...

Most interesting choices and very unique. I'm with you, I get bored with the cookie cutter look of so many furniture stores.

HarbengerDuo said...

Thank you so much for featuring our chair on your blog! We appreciate it and a great new blog to follow. I looked @ your ETSY shop...your photographs are beautiful.

I am adding you to our "Product Mention List" on our blog-

Thanks again and stay in touch,
Audrey & Josh

scot said...

Hey Tali,
Thank you so much for featuring my table on your blog. I am going to mention it in the blog on my webpage, and would also like to screenshot it and post it in the media section of my webpage at .

Thanks again, I love your blog, Keep in Touch,

Scot Bailey

Hey Harriet said...

These are very cool finds! I love your taste! I really want #5 and #7 for my house :)

Coastal Sisters said...

I love Scot's table! Great finds Tali!


cabin + cub said...

I wish i had more rooms in my house to fill with some of this awesome furniture! great finds!