Monday, August 03, 2009

Weekend Favorites- Photos / Photographers

During my photography studies I have been privileged to have learned from some great masters of the field. My professors were all talented in what they did, and dedicated to pass their knowledge and tricks of the trade to their hungry students. The advise and words of wisdom they have given us over the years have stuck with me all along.
One of my professors had once said that for one to become a great photographer, they need to learn to look at other photographers and appreciate others' work. Each photographer views the world differently and therefor uses the camera to convey that view in their own unique way.
This week I have dedicated my "favorites" focus to 12 great photographers I have come across on Etsy. They each have their own style, use their choice of camera & lens, and portray a world that is the world they see. These are my favorite photographs from their works:

1. Tim Irving - Carousel
2. Sarka Trager - Curious Dog
3. Lana Dashevsky - Small World
4. Holga Jen - Memories
5. Photo Valle - Dreams
6. SoloAperture - Old Rusty Plymouth
7. Nutmeg Clicks - Sight
8. Erin Tyner - Fade
9. Marco La Grenouille - Papaver- Mixed media work
10. Laura Evans Photography - Solitude
11. Andrea Despot - I've Been Framed


Mana Moon Studios said...

Ah, you've included some of my favorite photographers and I adore the Carousel by Tim Irving!

Lupen Grainne said...

Thank you so much ! Your blog is beautiful !

the Lost Earring said...

Very nice collection. Erin Tyner is probably my favorite--her work is so incredibly unique. Thanks for sharing :)

andrea despot said...

thank you so much for including me, i am very very flattered :)

Amie McCracken said...

PhotoValle has some really amazing stuff. And I hadn't seen Erin Tyner before but love that one!


laura evans/photography said...

we're like each others little cheering squad ... thank you so much for including me. It's one of my favourite images as well. Love all the works you've chosen, very interesting, different & unique just like your own pictures.

nutmeg click said...

oh my! what a lovely surprise. i'm glad you liked the ones in the pink dress...i had such fun posing for them :D thank you!!


Marco La Grenouille said...

Gorgeous collection! Thanks for including my poppy :)

the Lost Earring said...

PS You've been tagged :)

luthien said...

lovely choices! i see 1 really often on etsy treasuries. but my favs have to be 4,6,7,10,11.