Thursday, September 24, 2009

Bring on The Bellies

It's been almost forever since I made my entire living out of photography. Well, forever here is a few years, but it does feel like forever!
For various reasons, most of them conclude with the words "money" and "rent" I decided to put off for a while the idea of having a photo business as my main, no, not main, as my only source of income, and instead I shifted gears towards other paths.
I've mentioned before that since I've moved back home to Israel, I have been slowly progressing back to my old sweet love of photography, trying to make the dream of a photography business in to a reality. With recent events I have taken a step back, but all that is going to end right this moment!
From this point on, it is photography in full speed, in every way possible!

So here it is, Tali Schiffer Photography & Design is open for business! 

Bring on the pregnant women, with their glorious bellies, and their smiley husbands. Bring on the newborns, their siblings, their proud parents, grandparents & such. Bring on the engaged couples, the getting married couples, and the newlyweds.
If you're in Israel, you're in luck, I will travel anywhere in the country!
Not that I wouldn't travel anywhere in the world for a photoshoot, but the ticket will be on you for now ;)

Be sure to check out the website, and it's newly posted pricing page here


TheEye said...

Nice job on your website Tali! good to see you are moving ahead with life and making the best of things :)

luthien said...

oh wow!! tali :) congratulations!! wishing you all the best in your latest endeavor. i'm sure there are a lot of wonderful surprises waiting for you out there :)) and not forgetting great abundance too ;)

Mireille and Viviane said...

congratulations! this is a very wise step! nice website!

Mana Moon Studios said...

Oh Tali that's wonderful!! I know how important it is to make a full commitment to doing what we truly love and achieving success! I have no doubt your dreams will come true!! Congratulations!

Ooty said...

Lovely website!!! Best of luck at all - I'll forward your link on for you =)

Vintage Besograim said...

yes tali, it's your blog i read everyday!
thanks for passing by and leave me a comment!

the Lost Earring said...

Looks great! Congrats!

artangel said...

Your site looks amazing Tali - very professional! Good luck with it - I'm sure you'll be successful - your work speaks for itself! x

Bri said...

congratulations! I'm really excited for you. I'm also really excited to see the pictures! You'll do just great, I know it.