Friday, September 11, 2009

Inspiration Avenue's Weekly Challenge

There are many teams on Etsy, the site I sell my photography in. Each team has a name that signifies it's members by something in common. For instance, one of the teams I am a member of is The Etsy Israel Team, and you guessed it, our "something" in common is the fact we are all sellers from Israel :)
Well, the Etsy Israel Team is not the only team I am a member of.
A few months ago I have joined a team called Inspiration Avenue, and as the name says, we are part of that team simply because we wish to inspire and be inspired by each other. I have to say that if it weren't for this amazing group of (talented) women, I wouldn't have been inspired to do anything productive or artistic during last month's events.

( So thank you Sharon, Angie, Laura, Luthien, Lulu, Catherine, Tammy, Shannon, Dawn, Michele, & Betty )

As part of our inspiration activities, we have recently started a weekly challenge. The rules are quite simple. Each week one of us will come up with a word and/or a color, and whom ever wants to participate needs to create something that relates to what was chosen. Then, all we have to do is post & blog about what we've created, and send in our image or comment about it on the team's blog so it can be included on the team's blog post on Monday of every week.
ANYONE can participate in the inspiration creation extravaganza! It is definitely not limited to team members only. We believe in global inspiration, so the more people participate, the more inspired we'll all get ;)

This week's challenge was "Orange" and so, here is my creation (Photographic creation of course...)

 Orange Composite #2


Pam said...

What a fun challenge! Your orange composite is beautiful!

Stacey said...

Your orange is gorgeous, and I am very much interested in joining the creative challenges myself. :)

Also, I added you to my list of lovely people + blogs, well, because you are just that...lovely.

Mana Moon Studios said...

I love the photographs you took from this challenge - just wonderful! You did a fantastic job of representing what we're all about too.

Gwen Paja said...

Wow, those oranges look... different. I think they may have different oranges in Israel. Love the pic as always!


laura evans/photography said...

gorgeous images as usual! wonderful blog chica. glad we helped!! xx

Tammy said...

Great composition! Love that we inspire you because you inspire me.
Hugs to you,

luthien said...

fantastic image of the oranges!! those oranges must be darn sweet ... when we choose oranges here, we choose those with a "butt" :D and yours have really nice "butts" so these should be really succulent and sweet :))

Tali Schiffer said...

You guys are funny :)
Those are not Oranges, as in 'the fruit'... They are some kind of hard shell fruit that's been dried up for decoration, and they happen to also be Orange, as in 'the color'... lol

artangel said...

Gorgeous photos Tali!! I was wondering what fruit they were - they look a bit like a cross between oranges and pomegranites. Whatever they are though, they are beautiful! So glad you liked your little daisy canvas too x

Bri said...

OOOOH, what a beautiful picture, I just want to eat all of whatever that was.

Nicomi "Nix" Turner said...

Lovely photography!