Sunday, September 06, 2009

Weekend Favorites- Blogs Blogs Blogs

It's been almost a week now in my new apt. and this is my first weekend here. These last few days have been a mix of emotions from high to low. If you would see me & my roommate interact with each other you wouldn't believe we've only just met! She has become such a good friend in just a few days. Actually a few hours! The very night I moved in we made dinner together, opened a special bottle of red, and finished it completely while telling each other our deepest secrets (which of course I shall not reveal here...). Since that night we've had dinner together almost every night, we've entertained friends, did our grocery shopping together, sipped coffee at the local coffee joint on Friday morning, and had our moms over for a Saturday breakfast! So I can definitely say that it feels more like home than not.
But I won't lie to you, I do get my moments of sadness, reminiscing the not too long ago relationship I had... It's inevitable, so I don't beat myself up every time I get emotional. I'm just doing my best to accept it, and get over those moments quickly, realizing more & more each time that it IS only for the better. (Besides, did I mention how many cute men I see on a regular basis in my new neighbourhood.....)
Well, after this little update, I can get back to the main subject of this post- The weekend favorites, and since blog land has become such an important part of my life lately, I thought I'd give an homage to a few inspirational, emotional, funny, encouraging, interesting bloggers I have come to follow over the last few months. I follow a lot of blogs, and I do my best to read every single new post that appears in my 70 something list of blogs that I follow (though I don't always comment on those posts...). It wasn't easy to choose only 12, so if I didn't choose your blog, it's not because I don't enjoy it, on the contrary, it's just that the weekend favorites consist of ONLY 12  :)
So click, read, and follow  :)

1. YellowGoat Design & all things beautiful - Petula
2. Ponder & Stitch - Amy
3. City of Dionne - Dionne
4. Mint - Ellie
5. Musings of an urban 30 something - Andrea
6. Pretty {much} Art - Stephanie
7. Rachel B. Blog - Rachel
8. Little Loveables - Lisa
9. Knock Knocking - Agnes
10. Stacey Winters - Stacey
11. Old Sweet Song - Amy
12. Blah Blah Blahg - Miss B

I caved in.... Had to add some blogs & bloggers that are dear to my heart...
Laura Evans Photography , Inspiration Avenue , Pimp & Paint , Jessica Rogers , Art & Inspiration , The Darkroom , Snowbell Jewelry , Olive Rue , Little Gray Pixel , Mana Moon Studio (Sharon of this blog was the person who got me finally blogging!) , Layers of Meaning , The Craft Begins , A Kingdom By The Sea , Lulu Kellogg , The Eye , Holga Jen


Little Lovables said...

thanks so much for including me in your list!!

and yay on finding a great roommate!... it can be tough, I know! hopefully this new turn will help you start your own path from that not too long ago relationship.

love your photography by the way :)

luthien said...

oooo!! wonderful!! so glad that you have settled in so wonderfully and met a housemate that you feel so comfortable with :)) this is certainly a positive start! and cute guys are gooooood! LOL!
thank you for the mention my fren :))
luthien :)

Hey Harriet said...

I'm glad you've settled in so quickly and you get along well with your new housemate! It helps a great deal if you bond with the person/people you live with :)

Cool list of blogs. There are about 5 or so that I've seen before from your list, so lots of new ones I can go visit sometime :)

ellie of mint said...

Thanks for including Mint, Tali!

PonderandStitch said...

Yay, Tali!! Thanks so much for including me in this great list! There are some I've never seen before, so I can't wait to go check them out! Also, I'm so glad you are having so much fun with your new roommate. It sounds like fun!


Jessica Rogers said...

Thanks so much for including me on your list too Tali! I also have a long list of blogs that I check in with regularly (yours included!) even though I may not always leave a comment. :) I'm glad you're settling in to your new place so well!

Tali said...

Speaking of blogging... I love your new blog design.

Glad you love your new place. It's gorgeous :)

Dionne said...

Wow, you certainly seem to have clicked with your new roommate. I love how you've bonded so quickly. I'm sorry that you've been going through some emotional times lately, but just remember that the sun comes up in the morning, dear!

Thanks so much for the mention on your blog! You are so sweet and supportive of my little bloglet!

kelsey. f. ♥ said...

Thank you, Tali, for all your kind words (always!) on my blog :) You always seem to comment at the right moments! :)

And it's so nice to hear that you are getting along so splendidly with your new roommate!

And also I JUST realized I was not following your blog yet, although I do check it! I usually just click on your little picture or whatever ;) Because I never seem to be logged in when I'm ready to follow blogs haha! And I have also JUST discovered Google Reader and that makes it so much easier to keep up with all my blogs. Wooo!

Also thanks for the "honorable mention" here!

Coastal Sisters said...

I am so glad you are settling in and am very glad that you have a supportive roommate.

Thank you so much for including me in your list of some of your favorite Blogs dear one.


peachyteach said...

I'm so glad that you are doing well in your new place with your new roommate. You deserve nothing but the best! It'll get easier, and'll see :) Thanks, for the shoutout, by the way. You're the best!!! Love you!

TheEye said...

You're sweet for including me in your blog roll call!

I'm SOOOOOOO happy for you that you found a nice place to live .... (complete with CUTE GUYS IN THE NEIGHBOURHOOD WOOO!!!) and a compatible and friendly room-mate to live with .... that is just the cat's pajamas in my books! See? You're strong and independent and who knows what the future might bring you now. There's a saying that 'nature abhors a vacuum' ... and 'when one door opens, another one opens'..... keep looking for the open doors. Your life is a constantly changing canvas full of explosive colour and passion. Thanks again! and congrats on your move :)

Pam said...

Tali, I am so glad that you are getting along so great with your new roomate, hopefully you will find a 3rd person who will be good in the mix.

WOW 70 Blogs, I have about 15 that I follow all the time and another 15 that I try to get to when I can. I keep adding more but I have to stop! lol I have too many things on the internet on the go at all times!

I will check out your blogs!


Amy@OldSweetSong said...

Thanks so much for including me, I'm flattered! I'll have to check out some of your other faves.
xo, Amy

Miss B. said...

Thank you Tali! Congrats on your new home:)

Bri said...

Well thanks for including me, I'm so honored! And I'm happy to know that you've got a built-in friend at your new place. Sounds like you're getting everything you need out of life right now.