Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Street Walkers + Photography = Fashion

I have recently come across a few interesting blogs and bloggers who focus mainly on fashion. But not fashion in the sense of runways, designers, models, and such. Nope. These bloggers focus on real people creating their own fashion, which then creates what's called "street fashion".
One of my latest addictions is a blog called "The Street Walker" by a fellow Israeli Yael Sloma. Yael photographs the people in the streets of Tel-Aviv, Paris, Berlin, Vienna, and more. She simply approaches people that catch her eye on the street, introduces herself and then photographs them. Apart from posting her 'findings' on her blog, her street people images often show up in local magazines and newspapers.

from the Street Walker blog

Through the Street Walker I found out about "Afoona-pea" which is a blog written by another Israeli fashionista, Dar Mashiah. Her blog is mostly written in Hebrew, but I'm sure you can run it through the translator, and it is well worth it. Dar focuses more on her own daily fashion, and brings images of herself in her different attires, photographed in the streets of her home town of Haifa, Israel.

from Afoona-pea blog

Another blogger that likes to document her daily wear is Whitney Deal, of "Darling Dexter". Whitney's blog isn't all about fashion, or street fashion, or daily wear. It's a mix of design, fashion, photography, and her life, and it is one of my favorite reads. But Whitney also maintains an open Flickr Photostream on which she posts a photo a day of what she is wearing. It is so inspiring!

from Darling Dexter Flickr Photostream

What do you think about street fashion where you live? Is it worth photographing?


Dionne said...

These are great outfits. They look put-together, but yet not overdone. Love it!

Ooty said...

Thanks for this - I love browsing through these blogs!

SKnights Art Photography said...

Great post, Tali. It's great to see real people featured in fashion. After all, this is the real world!

Stephanie of Pretty {much} Art said...

I've been obsessed with street fashion lately. Gives me a little inspiration to at least TRY to look good on a daily basis :)

pea said...

I love Yael Sloma! She is so sweet and a great photographer.
Thanks! :)

Mana Moon Studios said...

These are absolutely wonderful finds Tali! They express a true sense of elegance through simplicity and beauty - thank you so much for sharing them with us!♥

the Lost Earring said...

My favorite is the shots taken of random people. It makes the whole thing seem natural, even though the subjects end up "posing" for the camera. I live in a small town on the water. There are many wonderful people here, but fashion isn't a big deal. I kind of like it that way. It's very down to earth.

KnockKnocking said...

I LOVE that blog!!! It's so fabulous. Thanks for sharing!



Pam of Always Artistic said...

Great feature. What a neat way to showcase fashion!

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