Sunday, October 11, 2009

Weekend Favorites- Creative Storage

I have never been much of a collector, far from ever being a pack rat, and since I started moving around in the world the amount of stuff I keep with me is always kept to the bare minimum. But I do have stuff, and what I have needs to be kept somewhere, and ever since I've moved in with roommates I am struggling to find space & storage to what little I've got.
For this week's favorites I have decided to focus exactly on that- Storage. But not any kind of storage, oh no, Creative storage, multi-functional storage, storage you get more than one benefit from. I'm sure there are many more where these 12 came from. Just click here and browse for more :)

1. Clemence Cocquet - Versatile origami organizer/storage
4. Paper Doll Wood Shop - M is for magazine
5. Jenn Maruska Design - Mini Matryoshka-Doll Basket
6. Jupita - tic tac toe
7. Teal Stripes - So little time- hollow book
9. Giftz By David - Children's race car display shelf
10. Rosey Corner Creations - Plastic bag holder
12. Remnants - Spot, the RoboPup


laura evans/photography said...

i love interesting forms of storage ... so thus once again your weekend favourite's rocks!

Catherine said...

I know what you mean about storage! There's never enough space, even if you are ruthless about keeping it all to a minimum!! I love your choices - very interesting!!

Jenny said...

Fun storage pieces. I like the origami star in that it can be folded down to a very small thing when not in use. And I'm a sucker for mason jar storage. Thanks for including my machine part upcycle into hanging string jar or.....?

Mana Moon Studios said...

Fabulous selections Tali! I love your weekend spotlights!

Dallas Shaw said...

love the mason jars

Hi, I'm Helen ^_^ said...

Love the M magazine rack.
So many great finds, thanks for sharing.