Saturday, October 31, 2009

Weekend Favorites- Vancouver, BC

It's funny how things can flip in a second.... Why, only last weekend it was as sunny as it ever was, and hot like mid summer, and then with the strike of a lightening (really!) it turned cold, wet, and gray. We were still wearing shorts and sandals yesterday, but today it's all about covering up with long sleeves, and coats, and hats, and umbrellas. One day it's Summer, the next it's Winter- Skip Fall, here's Winter on a silver cold gray platter.
So in the midst of all this rain, I got a little nostalgic and home sick for Vancouver BC. (Once upon a time I lived there) where the rain is something of a normalcy. In fact, Vancouver is where I learned to love the rain- since it rains a lot, you can either be mad/sad/down about it, or see the good in it, and be glad about it.
For my weekend favorites this week, I chose to focus on the great artists of Vancouver, BC and the area. There are plenty more, so be sure to look for all the rest, but for now, these are my 12 favorite Etsy shops.

1. Davie & Chiyo - Customized clutch & purse design
2. Bliss in a teacup- A collection of treasures
3. Fight Path- Handmade leather: Belt buckles, pendants, bags
4. Salts- Hemp, Organic Cotton, Bamboo- Eco Fashion
5. Crush Jewels - Jewelry Store
6. downhomeamy - Handmade housewares
7. Meowza- Illustrations
8. Twin Syndrome- Sexy High Rise Panties
9. Lockette- Paper+Fabric
10. Nicole Ginsberg- Handmade jewelry featuring semi precious stones
11. Snappy fish vintage- Vintage clothing
12. Quotes & Notes- Simple, reusable everyday accessories


PonderandStitch said...

You always pick such great favorites!!! I found some new faves- thank you! :)

Mana Moon Studios said...

Oh it's so true... what a difference a day makes!! I hope the weather warms a bit for you or at least the sun makes an appearance to brighten your day! Love your weekend selections - gorgeous and tasteful as always!♥

Dionne said...

You have great taste, Tali! Love the great work coming out of Canada!

And congrats, you won the Lanyapi giveaway on my blog! Woo hoo! Can you please email your mailing info to me at ?


Cat Ludwig Studio said...

what a great idea,tali! amazing finds. i'm off to check out their shops:)

Bri said...

Winter is like that here too. I try not to let it get to me. I always think that the rain would be depressing but then I see how green it is and it's all good.

Shannon of ** Happiness Is...** said...

Oh I love Vancouver! Being from Seattle, I completely agree that you learn to love the rain :)