Friday, November 27, 2009


If there's one thing I really really REALLY miss about living in the States and in Canada that's Thanksgiving. There's something so magical about this holiday that only people who celebrate it know what I mean.
Every year, as Thanksgiving approaches the entire city/country/state gets ready for the holiday, decorating everything with the colors of the season (I adore Orange, Brown and Cream mixed together!), shops offering gift ideas, shopping sales, and turkey deals. All the cooking shows on TV focused on Thanksgiving, giving you new ideas for the same traditional Thanksgiving dinner.
And then on the day of you can walk around and smell the scents coming out of bustling kitchens, all sweet and warm and yummy. Not to mention the amazing flavors! I could eat a whole  yam & marshmallow casserole right now!!
Of course one of the things I love about this holiday is how everyone gets together as a family (even if it's just friends) to be thankful for all their good fortune thus far. It's amazing how this one day a year can get everyone thinking on what they have and not on what they don't, and be thankful for it. If only we could all be more thankful on a daily basis rather than complain and seek what we do not have, it'd be Thanksgiving every day!

image take from Habitually Chic

Even though we do not celebrate this holiday in Israel  I am still so very Thankful...
For my amazing mom who's always by my side
For the strength I did not know I had in me that got me through these past few months
For good friends
For my best girlfriends
For warm days (even now at the end of November!)
For having a place I call home
For my talents
For being able to laugh it out
For love
For every moment I get to spend with my grandpa
For the promotion at work
For all my good fortune
For the way my someone looks at me
For creativity
For all my blog & internet friends

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

My Head My Heart

There's a mix of so many things going on in my head, my heart, and my life, and I feel the only way possible to pass the feeling on to you is to simply throw it all out there.
Anxious because tomorrow it'll all be over. Sad because tomorrow it'll all be over. Relieved because tomorrow it'll all be over.
Confused because I don't love him any more. Glad that I don't love him any more. Am better since I don't love him any more!
Jitters. Sick in my stomach. Burning headache.
Giddy because there's someone new. Happy because there's someone new. Excited about this someone.
Waiting for tomorrow to begin. Hating that tomorrow's on it's way. Wanting to skip tomorrow day and straight to the evening.
Feeling a mix of everything. Falling. Awakening.

Tomorrow is the last day I will ever be mentioned as his wife. Tomorrow is the beginning of my new life.
And I am not alone. For that there is only one feeling- Happy!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Writer's block

I've been having somewhat of a writer's block for this past week or so, and I can't seem to snap out of it!
I want so badly to write something, and while there are some things I want to share with you, I am still not sure if t's the right time to do so, or perhaps I should wait a bit...
In the meantime, I will leave you with some photos of me and my space, taken by Shay

And this is the talented photographer :)

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Some News & Weekend Suggestions

This has been a VERY long week, and I've been busy working my day job, finishing albums, AND shooting my first Israeli wedding (alongside my photographer friend Liron Breier) last night, which by the way, was amazing & fun & so utterly exhausting!!
I've also received my printed, postcard-size, 2010 Calendar, which is now available at my shop

I also found out I was featured on Etsy's front page, which is a HUGE deal. Etsy's front page has 12 images that change every 30 minutes or so, and those 12 images are the first items any visitor to Etsy sees. Being on there can create such great exposure, and hopefully generate sales ;)  Check out the archived front page I was on here

I did manage to squeeze in some quality time and watch a movie, read some of my favorite blogs, and do some "window shopping" online (not buying anything, just marking what I see and like...)

Here are a few feel good tips for the weekend

Go see "500 Days of Summer"!! click here for trailer
Read "The True and Outstanding Adventures of the Hunt Sisters" read review here
Visit this blog for some great papercutting templates
Check out some fun photography here
Read through this online magazine

Have a great weekend!!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Cutest Animal Photos

My darling cyber friend, Miss B. of Blah Blah Blahg is running a "contest" to see who manages to find the cutest animal pictures ever. The person that wins will be a lucky winner! She'll be sending off a free copy of Glamour Dogs and I really, really, REALLY want that copy!!
So here's my share, hope that's cute enough :)

Links:  Mouse with Carrot , Baby Fennec Hare , Killer , Chihuahua , B&W , Ferrets

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Busy Working

So I must apologize again for not spending much time in blogland, and the web in general, but I have a good reason :)
I've actually been busy with a few projects. First, I designed a website for my dear friend Dvora, who's a fellow photographer. She focuses mainly on wedding photography. We created her site using (the same site I used in creating my own website). Click here to visit her site.

The front page of her site

I have also been busy working on a few wedding albums. Most of the albums I design are referred to me by  photographer Liron Breier, a wedding photographer I've been working with, designing wedding albums for the couples she shoots. The other albums I get are usually through word of mouth. The couple in the album below was referred to me by a friend. Their wedding was shot by Adi Eyal Photographers.
Check out these pages from the album.

So what's next on my busy plate?
Well, next week I have two new albums I need to get a start on, and on Thursday I'll be 2nd photographer at a wedding, shooting along side Liron Breier. This will be my first wedding shoot in Israel. I must say I have some jitters in my stomach just thinking about it!
I will update you guys after the wedding :)