Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Basking in the sun

Last Wednesday was my first real day off in a very long time. I wasn't on the work schedule, I did not have any albums waiting to be designed, there was no photo-shoots booked for that day, and I had no friends or family obligations. I was completely free to do as I please! Lucky for me, my someone had the day completely off as well. Lucky for us both, it was a beautiful blue sky, sunny and bright day, which made it possible for us to go almost anywhere we wished to go. Of course my first instinct at the thought of us having the opportunity to get out of Tel Aviv for a bit was "lets fly away", but unfortunately we only had ONE day off which cancels the whole flying options... So we remained in the country. We packed a bag with sandwiches and snacks, a blanket and some water, packed up the camera gear, and hopped on my someone's motorbike & headed east. East as in towards Jerusalem. The plan wasn't to reach Jerusalem, rather find a secluded spot on a green mountain in the Judean Mountains area. After about an hour's ride we found just what we wanted- We were in a national park, surrounded by natures greens, and blues, and everything in between, there was no one in sight (really, we were pretty much alone!), and away from all the hustle and bustle noises of the city.
We spent a few hours at the park and then decided to keep on driving n to Jerusalem. We were already half way there and it would have been a shame not to pay the holy city a little visit. There is something in that city, I just can't explain it, but it always excites me to go to Jerusalem. It might be the fresh mountain air, it might be the feeling of importance (it is the center of both religion and politics in Israel). Perhaps it's the buildings all unanimously built with the Jerusalem stone (Municipal laws in Jerusalem require that all buildings be faced with local Jerusalem stone), or maybe it's the people who live in that city. Whatever the reason, I just love visiting Jerusalem.
We walked around a bit, took some pictures, had some sweets and some coffee, paid a visit to one of the best music shops ever- Ha'tav Ha'shmini (translated it means The Eighth Note), bought some CD's, and then we called it a day. We bundled up warm, as it turned cold when the sun went home, hopped on the bike again, and hit the road back home to Tel Aviv.
Now I can't wait for the next day we both have off...
Here's a collage of our day

We started the day posing to the camera

Had some sandwiches

Searched for pine nuts in pine cones

But all we found were dried empty cones

We photographed ourselves on our own

Took some more pics of each other and the view

And paused for a moment to appreciate nature

We found a spot to rest our feet

And laid down on the grass
Then we headed to Jerusalem...

We strolled the streets

Had some sweets

And a cup of Joe before the ride back home


Ange said...

very serendipitous indeed! wonderful

andrea said...

this looks like the epitome of a perfect day to spend with someone you love! i haven't told you yet, but i am so so happy that you have found a "someone." you totally deserve it and i hope everything is going well and continues to go well!

i haven't gotten to know you VERY well through etsy and blogging, but i feel i know you just a little bit through your posting about what you've gone through this past year. and i can honestly say that i feel so very happy to see that you've gotten through it :)

*big hugs*

maggisaar said...

Oh my goodness I want to visit there so badly. It looks so incredibly beautiful!
I'm going to finish your letter this weekend and send it out next week. It's been a nutty last few days for me!

HolgaJen said...

I think Jerusalem would be an amazing place to visit - you're lucky to live so close! Looks like you had a wonderful day too :) I enjoyed the photos!

Shannon of ** Happiness Is...** said...

What an absolute PERFECT day. :) Thank you for sharing. Such sweet photos. xoxo

patk860 said...

what a fantastic day! good for you! love the collage....

laura evans/photography said...

love the photos ... & you look so so happy chica! & that makes me happy. & Israel is so on my list of places to visit one day ... so beautiful & what's this sun you speak of?? all i know here is rain & grey & ickyness! i'm glad you had such a wonderful day with you're "someone special" & i can't wait for more posts like this. I'm so happy to see you so happy! yay excited! hehehe. I know 2010 is going to be wonderful for you. xx

Ooty said...

Tali looks like you had such a lovely time out there!!! I loooooooooooooooove days off work =D , and wish you many many days of such love and joy

the Lost Earring said...

What a great post! I love photo collages and these tell such a sweet story :)

Cat Ludwig Studio said...

Tali, I am thrilled to see you soooo happy! Drink it all in. You deserve it girl:) Your photos are amazing.

artangel said...

Days with absolutely nothing to do are the BEST!! Your photos are wonderful as always, and it just looks like it was such a perfect day - I wish you lots and lots more of them in 2010, you deserve them! xxx

TheEye said...

what a great day you had.... so happy for you