Saturday, December 19, 2009

Photoshoot- Naftul Clothing

I have the privilege of being good friends with a very talented clothing designer- Naftul. Naftul is the nick name of Natalie Elian, and that is also the name of her clothing line.
Naftul & I met a few years ago, back when I was living in Los Angeles. She had finished her schooling in design school in Israel, and had moved to LA to try it out and be close to her sister (who was and still is a good friend of mine). After a few years in LA, and a very successful job as a designer in a clothing company based in Downtown LA, Naftul returned home to Tel Aviv. She immediately started working on her own designs creating unique items that could fit almost any body type.Today Naftul is still in the process of growing, but her cloths are already selling at a few exclusive boutiques around town, and her line is expanding.
This past week I was honored to photograph a few of her pieces. We shot at an amazing location- a boutique-shop called "1 Bedroom" in the hip part of Jaffa (Yafo). Here's a sneak peak of what we shot.

Location: One Bedroom, Yafo, Israel
Designer: Naftul
Model: Noga Shachar
Photographer: Tali Schiffer


Ooty said...

It looks gorgeouse!!! Best of luck

LuLu Kellogg said...

Awesome photos Tali! Well done!


laura evans/photography said...

wonderful chica ... looks like you had an awesome time! xx

Jessica Rogers said...

Beautiful collection of images Tali! They definitely look like they came from a magazine. Keep up the fabulous work!

Ange said...

The photos are very chic and perfect for putting an already gorgeous collection into it's most favourable light. Well done!

Dionne said...

Oh wow, great photos, and the clothes are so lovely!

Mana Moon Studios said...

Wonderful photo shoot! It's so much fun being there at the beginning when someone we know is starting out. I had the pleasure of going through it with my sister-in-law who used to own Nick and Nora of Shady Character and has now moved on to Tepper-Jackson - so cool!

Shannon of ** Happiness Is...** said...

Oh how cute is she! Lovely photos my dear. Especially the ones where she is wearing the beige dress and looking directly into the camera! xoxo

Miss B said...

Gorgeous Tali!!!!