Monday, January 11, 2010


Back in 2005 my friends Karine & Guy set out to Cambodia to shoot a film. Guy is a writer-director. Karine is his wife. The film is called Holly. It is not a happy film. It is a film that deals with a real life problem, a problem that doesn't seem to be going away. I am talking about children being used for sex trafficking. There are over 2 million children around the world that are kidnapped or sold for sex trafficking. That is inconceivable to me! What's worse is that there are too many of us that prefer to look the other way rather then deal with the problem and bring it to an end.
My friend Guy Moshe (writer-director of Holly), alongside Guy Jacobson (writer-producer of Holly), a dedicated production crew and actors, and the K11 Project, set out to put this matter on the table, to show the rest of the world a glimpse of what these children go through.
Although this film was shot in 2005, only yesterday I had the chance to see it in the cinema. This film has been to several film festivals, was screened at the UN, and had various openings in selected cinemas around the world. It has finally made it to Israel and I got my chance last night to see it.
If you are anywhere near Tel Aviv go see Holly on Sunday, January 17th at 9:30 PM at the Cinematek.
For more info on the film and the K11 project visit this site. If you want to do more visit The Redlight Children Campaign and read how you can be a part of the solution.


Dionne said...

Wow. How impactful. It sickens me that things like this go on in our world today.

Ange said...

Tali, these things still bring tears to my eyes. I worked for years in women's and girls' education to help stop this happening... I want to get back to it again. In the mean time - all I can do is make sure my little ones are safe and grow with strong moral judgement... so they don't turn their back on the world one day. Wonderful post Tali