Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Lets Recap

A lot has changed in my life these past few months. If I were to look in to the future, back in January 2009, I would have never predicted my life would take the turns they took.
So what has changed?
Well, to start off I went from being married, to sadly separated, to surprisingly hopeful and strong, and now I am in a happy, healthy, supportive (not so new) relationship with my someone! And speaking of my someone, I've been asked by a few of you to tell you his name... Well, his name's Shay (pronounced "Shy") which in Hebrew means gift. How fitting is that as he truly was my gift!
When it comes to my photography it sure has come a long way too. After a long hiatus from my chosen field of work, I can finally say I am back BIG TIME! Just in the last 2-3 months I have shot a couple of pregnancies, a small fashion shoot, and two large events. There are currently two more upcoming events that I'll be shooting, and I know this is just the beginning! Alongside my photography I am still designing wedding albums, and I can happily say my clients are not just local. I have designed for a client in the US, and there's another one on the go from Canada.
Even when it comes to my day job, working at Dallal Restaurant in Tel-Aviv, I am in a different place as well. First of all I was promoted to shift manager (I was a waitress before...). But it's not so much the position change, rather what Dallal means to me that has changed. When I first started working there I treated the place as somewhere I work, somewhere I can make an extra buck to pay the rent, and nothing more. But when my life turned upside-down I found a safe haven at Dallal with all the people that work there. I got stronger & managed to get through the hardship thanks to my co-workers support and care. Today, Dallal is more of a second home than anything else!
As a person with itchy feet that doesn't like to stay too long in one place, what keeps me sane is the great outdoors. But since I returned home to Israel, and until a few months ago, I didn't really get to go anywhere, to travel the country, to hike. Thankfully Shy is as adventurous as myself and lately we've been taking advantage of our days off to go somewhere fresh and beautiful! 
So what do I hope for next...?
Well, more photography and design work of course. More personal achievements. More fun times. More love. More travel. More memorable moments with good friends.
I know it can't all be Sugar & Spice & Everything Nice, but I do hope that most days the sun will shine on me rather than rain fall.

Have you had many changes in your life recently? Any good turns you didn't expect?


laura evans/photography said...

so much has happened in the short time i've known you chica but still you remain strong, working through it all & coming out the other side! Life has this habit of throwing big nasty curve balls & we deal with them the way we know how ... you've come through it & have so much going for you! Am so proud & happy to call you my friend. Good luck for all that goes from here in out, you're a talented, wonderful, kind, inspiring individual!

Dionne said...

I am so happy to hear that things are looking up for you! I can look back over your posts and see the progression to the happy self you are now. Hooray!

Great to hear about your Dallal family, it's great to have a place that you work feel like a home, and it's awesome to hear about more photography gigs coming your way!

andrea said...


Amy@OldSweetSong said...

Quite a year for you! Congrats on staying strong and positive. It is the true secret to happiness in my opinion.

I feel like the older I get the faster time flies. This past year was a blur. But a happy blur!


Almost Precious said...

Most of humanity tends to be survivors, we have to be or we'd be extinct by now. Usually when something dire happens, we mourn, we cry, we sulk but above all we go on. Eventually the dark clouds pass, the sun comes out and we smile again, for such is life. I'm happy to hear that those storm clouds have parted for you and the sun now shines bright and warm upon your hopes and your dreams. Best of luck and may love and success always be near you.

patk860 said...

hi there tali... i didn't know you back in your struggling, painful days but wanted to say you have a way of sharing your bright spots today that make me smile for you!

the Lost Earring said...

Happy to hear all of your good news! Just in the small amount of time I've tuned in, I've witnessed an evolution for the better :) Cheers to you!

Mana Moon Studios said...

I'm so happy for the changes that have occurred in your life! Love his name too, SO appropriate!!
It's wonderful that your job has become more than just a job too and I can see you really embracing this part of your life. Just so happy for you♥

I also wanted to let you know I've included you in an award on my blog. I understand if you don't post about it but just wanted to let you know I included you.♥

Shannon of ** Happiness Is...** said...

I'm glad your life is looking up Tali :) xoxo