Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

It's Valentine's day!
Some would say it's just another Hallmark holiday, meaning a holiday made up so that the whole industry of romantic kitsch could make some money. Perhaps. I can definitely see where that comes from, as I usually say that we should show our love and affection to our special someones all year long & not on that one specific day. But while I say that, I have to admit that it is kinda' nice having one special day in which we do just a little extra to remind our someones of just how much we love them, appreciate them, & are happy we get to float through life with them by our side.
A big smooch & a hug to you (my someone). Thanks for letting me love you (And for loving me back...)

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Dionne said...

Happy Valentine's Day, hun! I am glad that you could celebrate with your special man!