Friday, March 26, 2010

A little sneak peak

...At the new pad :)
But first I'd like to apologize for being MIA all week. It's been a long, tiring, exhausting, stressful, yet fun, exciting, loving week. And at the end of all that my someone and I are finally all moved in! "in" being our new apartment which we share together.
We decided a couple of months ago that perhaps it was time we started looking for a bigger place that could fit us both together, and so the search began. It wasn't the easiest search. Anyone who lives or have lived in Tel-Aviv in rented apartments can support me on that. Finding a good apt. in Tel-Aviv is more a matter of luck than anything else! It's funny how a second after a good apt. is listed, it's already rented. It's even funnier (or sad...) how almost every good apt. you go to see has a lineup of potential renters that goes way beyond around the block. I guess we were lucky cause we ended up not having to deal with all that, as we had found this apt. after only looking at 5 other apartments. After viewing the last one, which we had high hopes for & then deep disappointments from, we decided to have a little coffee break to gather our thoughts. The coffee shop we sat at was not too far from the apt. we just saw, and it just so happens to be right in front of the apt. building which we now live in. We sat there outside, looking at this big new building, and at the sign hanging outside it that had a phone number for the building's office. We called. They answered and gave us a tour in a few of the empty apartments. We fell in love. So in love that as soon as we got home, we decided this was IT :)
So as I started saying, we're now all moved in, and slowly making this place our own, with furniture, and pictures, and color on the wall, and us making memories all over the place! We've just started, so be patient as there are no significant pictures yet... Except for this sneak peak...
Have a wonderful weekend!

My hottie building us a closet

The livingroom mess (check out the windows!!)

** Check out our first week photos at You See i See
** My list of 31 things to do before I turn 32 is progressing... check it out here

Sunday, March 21, 2010


I've been a little stressed out in the past week... Ok, so not "a little", more like a lot... See, tomorrow is supposed to be move day. Yes, if you haven't checked back on my older posts, I've sort of mentioned I am moving in with my someone (Yay!!) and we are moving in to a brand new apt. in a brand new building, and though we're both EXTREMELY excited about it, we are both also very very busy and this move is kinda' stuck in the middle of everything...

So why are we moving now? Well, we had to... Ok, I had to. I was living with roommates before, and when my someone and I decided we were going to live together, I notified my roommates I'll be moving out and that we'll need to find someone to move in with them instead of me... Guess what, that very same day I told them, they had found someone who was eager to move in (?!!) and so she moved in on the 1st of March. My roommates let me keep my furniture in the apt. as long as I have it all out by April 1st, and this is why I had to rush it with the move.

The stressing part is that we are both working full time this week, and have worked full time last week; I have also a couple of projects in design to finish up; My someone has three major end-of-semester finals, including one tomorrow morning; and to top it all, we don't really have a car at our dispose to handle the move... So I'm stressed!!

And since I am stressed I sort of took it out on the one person I shouldn't... on my someone... It wasn't on purpose, and I hate that I took it out on him, cause I love him, and the last thing I wanted was for this move, which is a wonderful thing, to turn out to be an unpleasant issue, and a source of anger between us... (I am so so sorry my love. You are the single most important person in my heart and I hate that I made you feel the way I did earlier today!)

Here's to hoping tomorrow will be a grand happy day!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

20 more to go

You See i See is my latest blog venture, in collaboration with Laura.
In order for the project to begin, we need to have our list of 52 things to photograph all complete. Everything that goes on the list comes from you, our blog readers, and so far quite a few of you have been helpful and gave us their suggestions.
Currently the list is at 32... We are 20 items away from completing the list and getting this project on the go.
So please, hop on over to our blog, check out the list, and comment here with your suggestions.

Have a wonderful week!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A little periodic update

So life has been pretty hectic lately. I have been working full time at the restaurant (five 9 hour shifts a week), and at the same time, I have been getting more work in photography & design.
I've shot a couples' engagement last month, and then a couple of days ago I had an awesome maternity shoot with a pretty 8 months pregnant lady
here's a sneak peak. The rest will come next month...

I've been busy with albums as well, and I've just finished a really cool one for a great couple from Toronto. I don't know who was the photographer, but they sure did a great job! I had so much fun working on their album especially because the photography was so pretty and cool!

There is another photo project on the go. This one is for a fashion show in San Francisco. The organizer of this show has contacted me for images of Tel Aviv (about 200 images to be exact). She'd like these images to be displayed on a large screen during the show. How exciting.... and nerve-wrecking, as I need to have it all ready and delivered (to San Francisco) on DVD by April 8th. Yikes!

Apart from that, my someone and I are preparing for our BIG move (!!) Yes, it looks like I can definitely mark off item number 1 from my "31 things to do before I turn 32" list, as my someone and I are moving in together, into a brand new apartment!
Here's a peek at the building. This used to be the building for the British headquarters back in the days they had their mandate in Israel (before 1948)

Oh, and of course, Laura and I have launched our new shared blog You See i See (You can comment on this post and help us create our list...)

Sunday, March 07, 2010

You See i See

My dear friend Laura & I are embarking on a new venture, a blog venture, a photo venture, a year's venture.
Both Laura & I are photographers. We both love our profession and are always looking for new ventures and projects to get our creative juices flowing. Laura lives in Germany, and I of course live in Israel. That makes a collaborative project a bit limited in options... Or does it...?
After some thought and some back & forth emails we've come up with our new joint venture.

Our new shared blog You See i See will be the platform in which we can display our weekly photos. The idea behind it is simple- each week there will be a specified subject to photograph. Each of us will have to shoot something and then by Tuesday of every week we will post up our two images side by side- Laura's view, and my view.
So how do we decide what are the subject matters each week? Well, that's where you guys come in :)
We need you to think of interesting subject matters, and post them in your comments to this post. Once we have a list of 52 items (as there are 52 weeks in a year) this project will begin. Be creative!

Thursday, March 04, 2010

31 things to do before I turn 32

My friend over at Little Gray Pixel wrote up a post entitled "31 Things To Do Before I Turn 32". I read the post and that got me thinking- I have a little less than 2 months before I turn 32, and 31 things to do in this period of time could be quite challenging, but I am always up for a good challenge, so why not?!
So here it goes...
1. Move in with my someone We've moved in to a beautiful place in Yafo!!
2. Finish up my new blog project (a collaboration with the lovely Laura) Done! New blog is ready!
3. FINALLY go sky-diving
4. Write up a proper business plan
5. Create the work station of my dreams The sketches and ideas are there. Now I just need to make the order for what I need...
6. Get a manicure-pedicure
7. Finish those 5 books I've started but never finished Finished 1 book!!
8. See the new 'Alice in Wonderland" My someone took me on my birthday!!
9. Win something on The Bright Side Project I won!! I won!!
10. Have at least 3 more sales on Etsy One sale down, 2 more to go :)
11. Have my mom over for dinner that I cooked
12. Spend a whole day doing nothing with my someone Just did!! We spent the whole day cuddling on the coach watching "Lost"  :)
13. Finish watching the first 5 seasons of Lost Finished seasons 1 & 2 & 3 & 4 & 5 !!!
14. Start watching the 6th season of Lost We started the 6th season last night (April 21)
15. Fly to London
16. Finally hang all my photos on my walls All done! And it looks so good!! Will post photos soon :)
17. Buy a good washer & dryer got the washing machine... decided not to get a dryer since the cloths line outside does the trick just fine!
18. Loose the winter weight I've put on I did... some of it...
19. Decide what to do with my hair (to cut or not to cut...) well, I sort of decided, when I took the scissors and started cutting... oh well, it'll grow!
20. Prank my dad on April Fool's day Pranked :)
21. Fix my laptop Turns out there was nothing to fix...
22. Buy another lens
23. Switch bank branches Done :)
24. Visit my uncle in San Francisco
25. Find the perfect shampoo (I'm not so sure that's possible...)
26. Surprise my someone with a gum-ball machine I didn't surprise him with a gumball machine, but I'm still marking this off, as I surprised him with an old (in working condition!!) typing machine!!
27. Buy white cotton sheet set So I didn't buy them, cause my someone's mom just surprised us with a GORGEOUS set of white cotton sheet set!!! Thank you Thank you!!
28. Get me some slippers (Finally!!) I just bought THESE for myself
29. Get my taxes all sorted out
30. Cover at least one wall with wall-paper
31. Blow out 32 candles on a cake... All 32 of them in one blow :)