Thursday, March 04, 2010

31 things to do before I turn 32

My friend over at Little Gray Pixel wrote up a post entitled "31 Things To Do Before I Turn 32". I read the post and that got me thinking- I have a little less than 2 months before I turn 32, and 31 things to do in this period of time could be quite challenging, but I am always up for a good challenge, so why not?!
So here it goes...
1. Move in with my someone We've moved in to a beautiful place in Yafo!!
2. Finish up my new blog project (a collaboration with the lovely Laura) Done! New blog is ready!
3. FINALLY go sky-diving
4. Write up a proper business plan
5. Create the work station of my dreams The sketches and ideas are there. Now I just need to make the order for what I need...
6. Get a manicure-pedicure
7. Finish those 5 books I've started but never finished Finished 1 book!!
8. See the new 'Alice in Wonderland" My someone took me on my birthday!!
9. Win something on The Bright Side Project I won!! I won!!
10. Have at least 3 more sales on Etsy One sale down, 2 more to go :)
11. Have my mom over for dinner that I cooked
12. Spend a whole day doing nothing with my someone Just did!! We spent the whole day cuddling on the coach watching "Lost"  :)
13. Finish watching the first 5 seasons of Lost Finished seasons 1 & 2 & 3 & 4 & 5 !!!
14. Start watching the 6th season of Lost We started the 6th season last night (April 21)
15. Fly to London
16. Finally hang all my photos on my walls All done! And it looks so good!! Will post photos soon :)
17. Buy a good washer & dryer got the washing machine... decided not to get a dryer since the cloths line outside does the trick just fine!
18. Loose the winter weight I've put on I did... some of it...
19. Decide what to do with my hair (to cut or not to cut...) well, I sort of decided, when I took the scissors and started cutting... oh well, it'll grow!
20. Prank my dad on April Fool's day Pranked :)
21. Fix my laptop Turns out there was nothing to fix...
22. Buy another lens
23. Switch bank branches Done :)
24. Visit my uncle in San Francisco
25. Find the perfect shampoo (I'm not so sure that's possible...)
26. Surprise my someone with a gum-ball machine I didn't surprise him with a gumball machine, but I'm still marking this off, as I surprised him with an old (in working condition!!) typing machine!!
27. Buy white cotton sheet set So I didn't buy them, cause my someone's mom just surprised us with a GORGEOUS set of white cotton sheet set!!! Thank you Thank you!!
28. Get me some slippers (Finally!!) I just bought THESE for myself
29. Get my taxes all sorted out
30. Cover at least one wall with wall-paper
31. Blow out 32 candles on a cake... All 32 of them in one blow :)


laura evans/photography said...

1. yay for new beginnings & awesome stuff chica ...
2. we need to start it first but i'm excited ...
3. can i come sky diving too?
4. i think i need to take a business class but i hate business ... could this be a problem?
5. i'm trying to do the work station thing too ... right now it's very much a "work in progress" (underneath all the thing's i'm "placed" on it)
6. i don't do nails!
7. yay for reading ... it's a necessity in life!
8. let me know how the movie is, i found the book kinda creepy as a kid.
9. who doesn't love free stuff ... good luck.
10. lets all do the sales dance ...
11. watcha gonna cook?
12. oh yes days of nothingness ... how i miss thee!
13. not a Lost fan ...
14. see 13 ..
15. fly to germany ...?
16. me too the photos thing (note to self ... must buy frames) ...
17. military gives us a washer & a dryer ... they wash & they dry!
18. it's not weight it's warmth ... go run.
19. didn't you just cut ... i need a trim.
20. who doesn't love a prank or 20!
21. why;d you go & break it in the first place silly!
22. what lens?
23. "eanie meanie minie mo" ...
24. i wanna go San Francisco too ...
25. Philosophy bath products (I'm addicted) ...
26. we have a mini one ... a big one would be awesome though!
27. i love new sheets ...
28. i have slipper socks but still end up bare feet ...
29. taxes are what the hubby does ...
30. what kind of wall paper (i so want a home to decorate) ...
31. don't forget to make a wish!

Little Gray Pixel said...

I'm tickled pink that my list inspired you to make your own! And you have some great stuff on here. I particularly like No. 22. I should've put that one on mine, too!

Oh, and who could argue with No. 1? That's a really important, awesome thing to do. :-)

andrea said...

good luck with everything! i'm excited to learn more about #2!

Almost Precious said...

What a great list. Please keep us posted as you check them off. :)

Oh and I'm with you on #22. Though I'm not any kind of photographer I'd love to have a nice telephoto lens for my tiny little Cannon camera...I'm tired of trying to capture a good shot of our hawks only to end up with a photo that makes them look like they're still a block away. :(

Dionne said...

Looks like a fun list. I am keen to see #2!

Cat Ludwig Studio said...

I love your list. Have a great time checking them off!!

Pam Lefcourt said...

Great idea...The "List". That means I'd need to come up with 64 things I want to do before September!! Something to definitely think about!

Shannon of ** Happiness Is...** said...

Hurrah to #3 - you must do this. What a fun list. I'll have to do that next year when I turn 32 :) xo

andrea said...

when is your birthday? i'm anxious to see how much you've accomplished!

andrea said...

i just noticed on "the bright side project" blog that you won something! when i saw your name i got really happy cuz i remembered it was on this list! yay!