Friday, March 26, 2010

A little sneak peak

...At the new pad :)
But first I'd like to apologize for being MIA all week. It's been a long, tiring, exhausting, stressful, yet fun, exciting, loving week. And at the end of all that my someone and I are finally all moved in! "in" being our new apartment which we share together.
We decided a couple of months ago that perhaps it was time we started looking for a bigger place that could fit us both together, and so the search began. It wasn't the easiest search. Anyone who lives or have lived in Tel-Aviv in rented apartments can support me on that. Finding a good apt. in Tel-Aviv is more a matter of luck than anything else! It's funny how a second after a good apt. is listed, it's already rented. It's even funnier (or sad...) how almost every good apt. you go to see has a lineup of potential renters that goes way beyond around the block. I guess we were lucky cause we ended up not having to deal with all that, as we had found this apt. after only looking at 5 other apartments. After viewing the last one, which we had high hopes for & then deep disappointments from, we decided to have a little coffee break to gather our thoughts. The coffee shop we sat at was not too far from the apt. we just saw, and it just so happens to be right in front of the apt. building which we now live in. We sat there outside, looking at this big new building, and at the sign hanging outside it that had a phone number for the building's office. We called. They answered and gave us a tour in a few of the empty apartments. We fell in love. So in love that as soon as we got home, we decided this was IT :)
So as I started saying, we're now all moved in, and slowly making this place our own, with furniture, and pictures, and color on the wall, and us making memories all over the place! We've just started, so be patient as there are no significant pictures yet... Except for this sneak peak...
Have a wonderful weekend!

My hottie building us a closet

The livingroom mess (check out the windows!!)

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andrea said...

congrats! the place sounds and looks wonderful so far!

laura evans/photography said...

ok so we'll let you off for being MIA ... this time! looking forward to new photos & liking the man's new hair (not a fan of long in general but my hubbys military & so totally short) ... oh & i think i may have coffee! whoop whoop happy dance.

Joy White said...

what a difference a year makes - so glad you are happy. I am looking forward to reading about your "us" adventures. enJOY every moment.

Shannon of ** Happiness Is...** said...

Oh congrats Tali!! Don't you love having a hottie to build closets? My hottie did mine as well. And they even have the same long curly hair...just different colors ;) xo

Little Lovables said...

what a lovely place!! congrats on the apartment hunt. and ps... is it legal for one man to have such perfect hair?

Anonymous said...

The place looks very nice! congratulations!


Patty said...

Gosh what a stud you have there! Love your new place ;)

Ooty said...

Looking great so far! I love moving to new places and redecorating existing (when moving is out of the way) =)
Best of luck and Love at your new spot