Sunday, April 25, 2010

Ork inspired

I was going through my usual read list of blogs I follow when I stumbled upon Bri's post (The Craft Begins) about Ork Posters. I followed the link and I absolutely LOVED what I saw. An online shop created by graphic designer (I assume that's her profession) Jennifer Beorkrem because she wanted a simple neighborhood map. I think these "maps" are such a piece of art. I of course immediately wanted one for myself, but I didn't want "NYC" or "Seattle" or "Chicago". They are all great cities, and her work on them is just impeccable, but I live in Tel Aviv-Yafo, so that's the map I want.
I decided to give it a go, create my own city's map (not for sale, this is just for me!), following the look and idea of the Ork Posters.
What do you think?
These are Ork Posters

And that's my Tel Aviv-Yafo


Little Gray Pixel said...

Go on with your creative self! Looks great. I have an L.A. Ork poster hanging in my living room. They are ginormous.

Speaking of L.A., Unique L.A. is an arts/crafts fair that happens twice a year. It's pretty big and there is so much great stuff it's hard not to spend tons of money -- so I didn't go this time around in the interest of actually saving money for vacation this year!

zeder said...

You love Tel Aviv, which is good and I love Berlin.

Almost Precious said...

I think you've done a fantastic job of creating your Tel Aviv - Yafo ork map. Bravo ! :)

laura evans/photography said...

i think this is stunning chica ... i can't imagine the time that must have gone into making it but it's wonderful. You are way too talented! (the originals are pretty fabulous also) xx

Bri said...

Haha, wow, now I might have to make a Denver one! This is TOO COOL. Nice work!