Sunday, April 04, 2010

Pass - Over

Last week we celebrated the first night of Passover, or Pesach as we say in Hebrew ("ch" pronounced like a Spanish "j"). This is one of the most festive holidays in the Jewish religion, as it celebrates the release of the Israelites from slavery in ancient Egypt. Out of all the holidays we celebrate (and us Jews have many many holidays to celebrate!), this one is my favorite, as I am sure it is a favorite of many. It's a holiday that symbolizes freedom, the spring, family, clean, and happiness. Every year people prepare for Passover by cleaning the house (Pesach cleaning = Spring cleaning). Getting rid of anything that's made with flour/wheat and buying Matzo's & Matzo flour. Buying new cloths for the festive dinner. and preparing for the eve of Passover to be gathered with your loved ones around a big table, to read the "Haggadha" (which is the book that tells the story of the Israelites, how they became slaves to the Egyptian Pharaoh and how god saved them and lead them to the land of Israel), drink wine, and have a good feast.
As a kid we used to celebrate with the entire family. We'd have all the uncles & aunts, and cousins, and parents, and grandparents, and sisters, all 30 something of us squished into a long long table, and celebrate all together. Those were magical times, at least that's how I remember them. But over the years the family grew apart as my grandma & her brothers passed away one by one. So Passover dinners became more intimate- Parents, sisters, grandparents. That remained our dinner forum for a few years, but then as we grew up, we each went our separate ways... My parents divorced and my dad moved to Romania.  My older sister got married, and had moved to Boston to start her own family. My younger sister grew apart from my mom & myself. My mom met someone new who in time had become her partner and she embraced his family as her own. And I had left the country and was gone for most of this past decade. And so each of us, wherever we were, had managed to find loved ones to celebrate Passover with...
When I returned to Israel, a little over two years ago, I knew that we will not be celebrating the holidays all together again, and although that saddens me a bit, I know that that's just how life works.
In the last two years I had a family to celebrate with- I was married, and his family became my family, and I had my grandpa with me as well. But then after the divorce, I had lost that family, and although I have my mom here, and she & her partner invite me celebrate with his family every holiday, it is not my family, and it just doesn't feel right. (I love you mom, and am very happy you have a family to celebrate with!!)
About two weeks ago my someone had asked if I would join his family and him for the Passover dinner. I was thrilled! His mom had invited both my grandpa & myself, and we gladly accepted. On Passover night we were all gathered around one big table- his parents, grandparents, uncle & aunt, brothers, my grandpa, my someone, and myself... and it was a wonderful holiday dinner!

Here are some pictures taken by my someone and myself. Happy holidays to all!

the dinner table

my grandpa, my someone, and me

starting the Seder

finally we eat

my someone's grandparents & parents

my someone with his newborn cousin


Ooty said...

It all looks super fancy (and yummy!)
Nice to hear you had a lovely holiday
Enjoy yourself and others ;)

Photo.Fashion.Passion said...

התמונות נפלאות ובשילוב הקולאז'ים הן בכלל הופכות כל תמונה ליפה עוד יותר. נראה שהיה אצלכם שמח וכיף. השולחן מעוצב עדין ויפה - ככה אני אוהבת!
כל הכבוד.

kelsey. ♥ said...

Glad to see you had a wonderful holiday with your someone and his family! (And I love that you refer to him as your someone, very cute.)

This was also interesting to me, as I don't know very much about Passover. Nice pictures too, thanks for sharing your holiday! :)

Shannon of ** Happiness Is...** said...

Happy Passover Tali! I'm so glad you got to share the holiday with a new family! Hal is Jewish, but not traditional or religious at all so he doesn't really celebrate any of the holidays. I think he just likes to say that he's a Filipino Jew ;) xo

LuLu Kellogg said...

I loved seeing all these pictures from your Passover. You look SO happy and I LOVE your hair...the bangs are fabulous. The pictures that touched me the most were of your sweetheart kissing the new baby :)


Anonymous said...

you are blessed with much love in your life.