Wednesday, May 05, 2010

The Slope Park

Did I mention before that my someones and mine's apartment is right by the beach...?
Well, we are only a few minutes walk from the beach, from Yafo (Jaffa), the port, and a few great parks on the waters edge. One of those parks, a brand new one, is called The Slope Park, and it is located just south of Yafo's old port. My someone discovered it about a week ago when he went for a bike ride, and then a few days ago he took me over there as well. We were lucky to catch it just 2 days before it's grand opening, as we had the whole entire park for ourselves :)

** Check out week  seven at You See i See ... it's The Color Red :)


Chris said...

Hi Tali! Gorgeous photos, as usual. Over at Inspiration Avenue we noticed our email to you have been bouncing back. We're mostly emailing, not using Ning so much anymore. Is there a better email to reach you at?

andrea said...

tali, these are wonderful photos! i love the mossy/algae green rocks! and i really like how you composed the railing to cover the horizon line in those last few photos! really wonderful!

and oh my! your bike was stolen?! i'm so sorry to hear that! since they sawed it off, how do you prevent that from happening again? do you have enough room in your apartment to put the bike perhaps? i know you probably don't want to have a bike hanging around since your space is probably so small. but maybe you could find a pretty panel screen for it to hide behind against a wall or something!

LuLu Kellogg said...

Tali~these are the most wonderful pictures....what a beautiful place to live. It looks so romantic! I love the picture of your sweetheart smiling. He's got the most wonderful smile!