Saturday, May 29, 2010

Weekend Favorites- Dresses

I was going to post this last week but things got in the way... So here's the original post as it was prepared last Sunday morning:

I can't tell you how happy I am it's summer! I love summer! When everyone else complains about how hot or humid it is, I am exhilarated by the fact it is so warm. I love the sun, and the warm feeling on my skin, and I love the fact that I can finally bare some skin, wearing shorts, t-shirts, tank tops, skirts, and my favorite (I'm a girly girl...)- dresses!
Although my weekend has been almost completely work at the restaurant (as are all my weekends lately...), I managed to squeeze in some me & Etsy time last night while my someone was at his parents watching The Champion League Final (I am really not into soccer...). I searched for dresses and found so many pretty options, I felt I had to share some with you. I used to do this series of Weekend Favorites posts in the begining of this blog. I figured it would be great to do another one now
Here are my favorite twelve, that are pretty, as well as affordable! Check them out, and the stores they come from for more pretty items.

1. Soho Made- Custom Tea Dress
2. Vivat Veritas- Stripe Tuxedo Dress
3. Allison Wonderland- Beach Ave Dress
5. Always the forest- Edie Dress
7. Church & State - Alder
8. Alexandra Grecco- Loverboy Bowtie Dress
10. Nadinoo- Fleur's Petal Dress
11. Allison Jovone - 1920's Pink Satin Dress

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