Thursday, June 03, 2010

Day Off

My someone and I sometimes get lucky enough and have a day off together.
Since we work at the same place, and we're both shift managers, there's rarely a day that neither of us are working. We try to set it up so we do have that one day a week, but it's not just up to us.
Well, just last week we were lucky! We both had a day off together, and we spent it mostly at home. With each other. And my camera.
He made us lunch. (I did the dishes...). We had coffee and dessert (if you call candy dessert) on our balcony. We watered and admired our recent additions to our balconies "garden". And we played silly games with one another. Oh, and yeah, we documented everything ;)


Amie McCracken said...

That looks seriously fun. (I remembered the name of the mountain with the city on top...I felt so stupid when I suddenly realized it...Metzadah...duh.)

andrea said...

aw! i'm glad you guys got a day off together! the food looks yummy, and that last triptych is so cute!

maggisaar said...

God, you two are adorable.

My husband just found a new job, and luckily we will have weekends off together. I'm thrilled! Of course, when he wasn't working we had weekends off together too...but now we'll have money to do things. It's the little things in life, right? :)

ana said...

what a wonderful post! & yay for having a day off together. very cute you two are.

Ooty said...

lovely images, seems like you had such a wonderful day =)

Shannon of ** Happiness Is...** said...

I love having days off together! It's rare for us too. I didn't know you both worked at the same place - is that how you met? Have a lovely weekend Tali! :) xo

Photo.Fashion.Passion said...

הצילומים שלך נפלאים!
נראה כמו יום כיף בהחלט :)
חבל שלבן זוגי ולי אין איזה יום חופשי פנוי באמצע השבוע..
מאידך, מזל שיש לנו את הסופ"ש!

yael yaniv said...

הדבר הראשון שעלה לי בקריאת הפוסט היה השיר :
הצילומים מקסימים (וגם אתם)

LuLu Kellogg said...

Wonderful pictures favorites are the black and whites!