Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Today's subject on You See i See is Birds. It wasn't supposed to be birds though...
As you know, the subjects were predetermined for us by other bloggers back in March. Originally week fourteen (that's this week) was supposed to be Courage, a subject suggested by the lovely Dionne. Both Laura and myself have put our thinking caps on to try and come up with the best photo idea. By Sunday morning neither one of us have shot her image yet. Laura has been out of town all week, visiting family and busy working. I was pretty busy myself and then after Saturday night's scare I just couldn't focus on such a tough subject as Courage. Laura and I talked it over (more like texted it over the internet...) and agreed we needed to have a change in subjects. We have a few extra subjects at the bottom of the list, and so we picked a subject we both could manage to shoot by Monday evening. Birds.
For some reason the first idea that came to mind was Origami birds. As always, I wanted to shoot something that wasn't the obvious thing you'd expect, and I am sure paper birds fit that thought :)
My friend Timna helped me out and got me some colored parchment paper, my someone cut them into square shapes, and then both him & myself folded them into Pelicans & Cranes using some online instructions
We had fun shooting them all, and we got some pretty good options (as well as some images of goofiness...)

The chosen image

some runner-ups

and some goofing around

:: on a positive note, my grandpa is now much better. Thank you for all your support and care ::


Rachel Follett said...

How fun and colorful! Love it!

andrea said...

i really love the rainbow ones in a circle :) i used to make a bunch of origami cranes, i have a box full of them, made with different kinds of paper, different colors, patterns, etc. my goal is to make 1000 someday! i also have a little jar full of really tiny ones, about the size of a fingernail, all folded in white paper. maybe i'll take a picture them some time to show you!

by the way, you asked me about the purple blurry object in this post:


and i don't know how to reply to you in an email like you always reply to my comments on your blog (how do you do that??) so here you go:

it's just another little reflective sphere object in the background, except it's purple glass instead of regular. funny story: i was selling a printing of it at a festival one time and this woman was looking at it and asked if the blurry thing was an orb, like a ghost orb. i told her i'd heard of people capturing stuff like that on photos, but that it wasn't that. she didn't seem to believe me, i think she was convinced it was a ghost :P

andrea said...

ps. i love the new picture of you on the side :)

Joy White said...

so playful - love all the color. I agree with andrea, nice profile pic.

Dionne said...

Hahaha, sorry about the tough topic! It is a hard one, oops!

lovE the birds. Origami is so graceful but full of hard lines - I love how you've captured them!

oh, hello friend. said...

love cranes!! :) pretty pictures.
so glad your grandpa is doing well, he is so cute!
keep us posted. xo.