Saturday, July 10, 2010

Home Work - Our Bedroom

Since we've moved in to our new apt. back in April, we've been slowly decorating, designing, and furnishing the apt. to make it our own. Pretty much every space in it has been touched... Except our bedroom... We weren't sure what we wanted to do with it and so we left it as is- an empty room, with a bed, a mirror, and a dresser. Though we know what other items we'd like to put in there (night stands, a bench with a cushion, a new bed frame...) we either haven't had the time to look for what we want, or when we did have the time, we couldn't find something that appealed to us...
Last week, on one of our off days from work, we decided it was time to at least paint the room. We didn't want to paint the entire room, as the current color on the walls is a creamy shade of white, and we actually really like it. We just wanted to add a color, an accent wall, and we chose the wall behind our bed. The color we chose is a warm dark gray. The plan was for both of us to paint together, but since we only had one roller... well, my someone took the job upon himself (but I cleaned the house while he was painting...)
Now we didn't just paint that wall... A couple months back I had purchased these wall decals from a shop on Etsy. I bought two sets- one in white, and one in light gray. The original idea was to put wall paper on that specific wall, but a visit to a few wall-covering shops made us realize that it simply is too expensive for us at the moment. So, this was our way of trying to create the same visual you'd get from a wall paper...
What do you think...?

We've only put up 4 trees so far... It was getting late and the whole process kinda' takes a while. Besides, we wanted to give it try, see how we feel about them, and maybe add a few more later. I think it needs another gray one in the center, and perhaps another gray one on the white wall (where my someone is standing in the second to last picture)

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Amie McCracken said...

Absolutely awesome! That's sort of what I wanted to do with my living room wall...but it hasn't happened yet. It's just white with a big gray and black decal. It works for now. Love it in your bedroom!

zeder said...

Man at work and design by Tali :-))

Joy White said...

love it - I have wall decals in my bathroom, they are a great way to add interest without spending a lot of money. xoxo

yael yaniv said...

it looks amazing and for a minute there i thought the view from the window fits perfectly (until i clicked and realized it was a reflection - silly me LOL)

enjoy it

S and O said...

Oooh how nice!
those trees are beautiful :)
love the color too!


Megan said...

I love that gray color! So classy!!!!

Thanks for following my blog. Much Love.

andrea said...

eek! more interior decorating from you! i love it, as usual!

i actually kind of like the empty space of trees around the bed, it sort of frames it! but you could try adding another one in there, just not RIGHT in the center, just closer to one of the others, if that makes sense? and yes, i love the idea of a gray one on the white wall!

Ooty said...

looking great!!!! ( i haqve the same color in my living room =)) I love it!

vicki said...

Oh, I love these modern and classy!

Tali, thanks so much for your sweet comments on my blog. The mean alot to me. :)

Btw, your blog is beautiful!

Ashley said...

That is so cool!!! I love the wall color!