Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Sketchbook Project

About a month ago my friend Shannon of Happiness Is posted about an amazing project - The Sketchbook Project. You can follow the link and read all about it (you should actually) but for those of you who just want the basic jist of it right now, here it is. Artists from all over the world can sign up to participate. Once they are approved they get sent a sketchbook. All sketchbooks are exactly the same on arrival. It's what the artists put in them that makes the difference. There are also themes which you choose in advance, and your art needs to relate to that theme. You can change the pages, replace them with others, attach them all together, what have you, as long as when the sketchbook closes it's back to the original dimension of 5.5x8.5 inches. They also encourage the artists to alter, design & work on the cover of the sketchbook. All sketchbooks must be complete by January 15th, and mail-stamped that very day. They all get sent back to NY and from there they will all go on tour around the US finally returning to The Brooklyn Art Library in NY.
Here are just a few samples from previous projects:

More samples from previous years here

Well, needless to say, I jumped right to it! I signed up. The theme I chose was "This is not a sketchbook" (yes, they had a theme named that for a sketchbook project...). It's the perfect theme for me as I do not plan on sketching anything. Nope. I am going to be the artist I am - a photographer. So my idea is to make it a photo book of the people in my life. The people I see and talk to every day, that in this way or another are an inspiration to me. I am thinking of doing all the images in Polaroid style.
I have a few months to work on this project, so I'm not really putting it in full speed yet, but I did have the opportunity to photograph my friend Yair the other day, and he'll be entering the sketchbook.

Thanks Yair for stepping in and being the first to be photographed for this project. 
Stay tuned as there will be more coming up in the next few months :)


laura evans/photography said...

i love love this ...

andrea said...

great idea tali! i love that you've chosen the polaroid style :)

i joined up with shannon, along with a few other bloggers, to put together a group sketchbook (i thought you were part of it too? i could be wrong...). i only have a few pages to fill and our theme is "happy thoughts" and i've been stuck for a while. but for some reason after looking at this post of yours, i suddenly thought of putting photos and scanning ticket stubs, etc from my recent visit to see my boyfriend. i'm extremely happy with the holga shots i got wile i was there, plus: what makes me more happy than photography and my boyfriend?!

so yeah! thanks i guess for somehow jump-starting my thought process for this :)

Dionne said...

This is great. It reminds me of the 1000 Journals project. I love collaboration!

oh, hello friend. said...

what a neat idea, and so cool that you're participating too! xo.

rachel said...

I love projects like this! So cool that you're participating.
p.s. thanks so much for stopping by my blog today and leaving such a sweet comment :)

Shannon of ** Happiness Is...** said...

I like your first polaroids! :)

Okay, and FINALLY, for the giveaway prize, I choose Cupcakes No. 1, Print 3, and Cupcakes No. 2, Print 3. Yay!!! Thanks again Tali. xo

yael yaniv said...

what a neat idea and so cool you're taking part...the first polaroids look great (-: