Sunday, August 22, 2010

Rome part One

OK, so I know I've been back for over a week now, and haven't written a single thing. My apologies. It's been super busy here ever since we landed back home. Both of us were  back at work the very next day, and have been working every day since. I also had a wedding this past Thursday (photos to come...), and of course I had to edit all the photos from our trip, which I can happily say are all done and ready! But enough about busy life, lets talk about Rome...
My someone and I flew to Rome for 8 days of vacation from everything. It was pure us time. No phone, no internet, no TV (well, except for some BBC News at night). It was wonderful! Of course we took our cameras with us, and I have lots to show. This are images from our second day in Rome (the first day was arrival day, and we didn't really do any site seeing...). We saw a few Piazza's, we visited The Vatican, went to the Pantheon, and just strolled the streets of Rome.

we took the subways a lot

Piazza Del Popolo

just a "simple" Basilica (church)

the Piazza San Pietro in front of the Vatican's Basilica

cold water fountains at the Vatican (they were all over the city!)

the Vatican's protectors

inside the St. Peter's Basilica

marking the map for places we've seen


we think this is the god of garbage...

the white car is a "Smart" & the red car is even smaller than that!!

people of the streets

Piazza Navona. my favorite!

Piazza De La Rotond
one of my favorites i took of him & one of my favorites he took of me

inside the Pantheon

illy coffee break

Piazza Spagna @ the end of a long day

More to come in my next few posts... :)

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zeder said...

Yes, Rome is a exiting city. I was there in 2009 with my wife to our silver wedding.
Thank you, for this beautiful pictures and remembrance.
Regards from Berlin,

laura evans/photography said...

looks like you had a fabulous time ... i am so totally jealous. Wonderful photographs (as usual) ... gorgeous!

Dionne said...

Oh my! How lovely! What a fun trip! I am jealous!

shannonblue said...

Looks amazing! Okay, I'm craving pizza now...

liza said...

Rome is one of my favorite cities. It didn't start off that way but everytime I go back, I fall in love with it.

andrea said...

oh tali it looks like you guys had such a beautiful time! i must mention that i'm incredibly jealous... and the pictures are lovely! i especially love the 3rd one in this triptych:

the b&w one here is magical:

and what a wonderful portrait! i hope to someday have such a beautiful artistic portrait of myself like this in rome:

rachel said...

all these photos are amazing! looks like you had a wonderful time :)