Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Vacation + The Giving Game

As you are reading this post, my someone and I are far far away in vacation land. For the first time since we got together we are finally travelling out of the country for a romantic getaway!
We have a whole week to ourselves and we'll be spending it in Rome, Venice, Verona & Fiorenze. Neither of us has ever been to Italy so we're both uber excited. You can already assume that it'll be the three of us- my someone, myself, and my beloved camera :)
I can almost guarantee I WILL NOT be roaming the online world while we're away, so I decided to leave you occupied with a game. Remember this ? I played this game right here last August, and it was great fun, I decided to play it again. I call this The Bloggers Giving Game. The rules are pretty simple- The first person to comment will receive something from my shop in the mail. Then that person will check to see who posted the next comment, and will send them something from their shop, and so on. You don't really need to have a shop, it just has to be something that you have crafted. The last person to comment will send something to me. Game ends on my return, which is August 12th at 00:01 AM Israel time. Be sure to tell everyone about this game. The more people participating, the more gifts will be given!
Wishing you an amazing week,


Amie McCracken said...

Oooooo! I'm first! Yay!

Shlomit Ofir said...

Tali this is an amazing idea! Love it!
Have fun in Rome

Bali villas said...

just enjoy your vacation..

andrea said...

enjoy your vacation! and what a lovely idea for this bloggers giving giveaway! i'm in!

Bri said...

Oh my gosh have so much fun! I'm jealous but I'm very happy for you.

Tali Schiffer said...

** I am back from Europe, and since there are only 5 of you that commented I am extending my game for one more week!! **

Shannon of ** Happiness Is...** said...

Welcome home sweets! Can't wait to hear about your trip :) xo said...

אחחח איטליה היפה. אין אין על איטליה!
כיף לכם,
חיים רק פעם אחת, הא? :)