Saturday, September 25, 2010

My very own Prince Albert

After a long day at work, I spent my Friday evening at home with the TV as my companion. My someone and I had alternating shifts today, and so when I was done with my morning shift, he was just starting his evening one.
As I was flipping through the channels, concluding there was absolutely nothing to watch on TV, I stumbled upon a movie that had just began. It seemed intriguing enough to let the remote out of my hand, and give it a chance. It did not fail. The movie was The Young Victoria, and I enjoyed it immensely! First because the actors were brilliant, and second, because of the story line, which is a true story, a fact that made it even more amazing to me!
I've seen movies and read books about love. I've also seen movies and read books about the royal family. I must say, they rarely come together. As soon as the movie was over I had to rush over and search the web to see if indeed it were true, or did Hollywood romanticize their relationship more than what it was. It is true! One of my resources had this to say "Their relationship was one of great love and admiration"
Towards the end of the movie it hit me. I know what a relationship like theirs feels like. I have it too. My someone is my very own Prince Albert. I think it came to me at the scene where they fight. They fight at night, and Albert leaves in the middle, which make Queen Victoria even more upset. The next morning, still upset, she gets on her carriage and when Albert follows she says to him he didn't need to come. He answers that he said he would, and he is, and you can see it is nothing but a fight that could be forgotten in his eyes. She later says to him she thought she had lost him and he replies that she is the only wife he'll ever have, and he shall love her till the day he dies. I know my someone feels just that towards me, as I do towards him, and for the first time in my life I know that no matter how big or small we fight, it is never the end of the world with us. Our relationship just like theirs, is one of great love and admiration.


Eline Oftedal said...

I enjoyed the film a lot myself, and it was interesting to read your views. Thanks for sharing.

andrea said...

aw! i'm so glad you found your someone! like you, my very own someone reminds me of prince albert, and i constantly feel so incredibly lucky to have found someone who not only unconditionally loves me, but that i feel the exact same way about him. i could go on and on about him, but i know that you know exactly what i mean :)

ana said...

firstly, i love love that film :) secondly, what a lovely blog post. it is so nice to see someone happy and in love. i am glad you have your prince albert :D

dulci said...

YES! Love this!!

Emily said...

I loved that movie for all the amazing images but the story is so beautiful. How wonderful that you feel you found your own Albert (I can relate) :)

Dionne said...

Awwww... i love that he went after her! I wanna see this now.

I am happy to hear that your someone treats you like the Princess you are!