Tuesday, October 26, 2010

32 Things to do before I'm 33

In exactly six months from today I'll be 33 years old. Yikes, that feels so old to write that number in association to my age. I don't feel that old. I keep thinking of how I use to look upon grown-ups (meaning people over 20) when I was a wee kid, and they seemed so old, so mature, so grounded. Now that I am "them" it feels different. Yes I have grown a lot, and yes, I am much more mature and wise, but I still have much of that kid I was. Turns out even though the years pass, we can still maintain the feeling of being young. So let me rephrase my first sentence- In exactly six months from now I'll be 33 years young!
Now back to the point of this post... Remember this post from last year? I didn't prepare it enough in advance and therefor there were still quite a few items undone on that list. This time I am giving myself six whole months. Anything unaccomplished from last years list will roll over to this years' and I am adding a few new ones. Hope you'll be following along to see what I get to accomplish now

Remains from last list:
1. FINALLY go sky-diving
2. Write up a proper business plan Done!
3. Finish the work station of my dreams Done!
4. Finish those 4 books I've started but never finished
5. Fly to London (or Paris...)
6. Buy another lens
7. Visit my uncle in San Francisco
8. Get my taxes/business properly sorted and registered Done!

New stuff:
9. Register at a gym of some sort
10. Finish the You See i See project
11. Buy a built-in oven
12. Have friends over for dinner
13. Get a second tattoo
14. Have more sales at my Etsy shop
15. Finally get side tables for our bedroom
16. Photograph at least 10 more weddings Nine more to go...
17. Do the Wine Trail of the Judean Hills and complete it without getting drunk at the first winery...
18. See a play at the Noga Theater around the corner
19. Visit my friends in Vancouver (and take my someone with me)
20. Do a cleanse
21. Win a photo contest (Hopefully this one Done! I didn't win that one... but I did win the Wix Was Here contest- got third place :) )
22. Find the perfect Little Black Dress Done! And I even found the perfect little black skirt!
23. Organize and catalog ALL my photos
24. Scan all the good film & slides in that big box...
25. Spend a weekend away with my someone doing NOTHING! It was a mid-week weekend, but it still counts... Done!
26. Get a cool carpet for the livingroom
27. Re-plant our Greenbo pots with something that won't die
28. Have a complete physical check (haven't done that in years!) Done!
29. Stop biting my nails (for good this time!)
30. Find more DIY crafts to do
31. Take a class of something (baking / sewing / purse-making)
32. Smile for at least 60% of the time in the next 6 months :)


andrea said...

yay! i love that you make these lists! maybe i should make one too... i'll be 24 in about 7 months. it's weird that i'm so much younger than you! i find that as i get older, age doesn't really matter. for the most part i can relate to someone no matter what the age difference.

1. do it do it do it! i've always wanted to do this!

13. what are you thinking of getting?? my sister just got her first tattoos and though i don't necessarily agree with the placement, i do love the design because, well, i designed it! which i think is pretty awesome that she asked me!

14. you and me both... i've been seriously considering sponsoring on some popular blogs. i really hope that helps!

16. somehow i don't think you'll have a problem with this! you seem to be doing really well with the weddings lately :)

17. lol!!! i've always wanted to go to a winery! i can so see myself doing this exact thing, getting drunk at the first place...

20. ooooh yeah! i want to try that too! or maybe some sort of liquid diet for a couple days. same thing maybe...

21. good luck!! (i think each person can cast one vote each day, so be sure to let people know they can vote more than once!!)

23. i FINALLY did this and got an awesome 1-terabyte backup hard-drive this year!

24. god i so wish i could do this... but it's too expensive for me to get a lab to do it and i can't afford to buy one of my own. i'm still kicking myself for not doing it when i was in college. i had plenty of time, i just kept putting it off.

31. this is a good idea! just choosing a (semi) random class would be something i'd never thought of doing!

32. :)

ana said...

i love your list!! so many of those things i would love to do...minus sky diving, i really don't think i have it in me :D ugh. have fun with 23. just when i think i have a system down i find that i still struggle to find certain photos. :)

Shannon of ** Happiness Is...** said...

Excellent list! #27 makes me laugh, b/c the same thing happened to my deck plants/herbs. Maybe I needed a Greenbo? I need to do a list like this :) xo

Nicola said...

I've always been in awe of people who can do these lists. I wish you all the best! :)