Thursday, October 28, 2010

Fried Bananas Midnight Snack

The other night my someone and myself were a bit of a munch for something sweet. It was about 10 PM and we had nothing in the house. Lucky for us there's an AM/PM (that's the Israeli version for 7-Eleven...) just around the corner. Don't you just love 24-hours grocery shops??
Well, we wanted to create something, and not just get something that we'd open up and eat it straight off. We wanted to be creative. At first we were looking for strawberries, but I guess their time hasn't come yet (since summer hasn't left yet, and winter is VERY late). Then I grabbed out of the freezers two pints of Ben & Jerry's icecreams, and continued to the waffle section and grabbed a box of some yummy crispy ones, and last I grabbed a couple of ripen bananas. The idea was to make some sort of Banana Split extravaganza!
Here's what I did...

the ingredients 

 I sliced the bananas and the covered them in sugar

 Frying up the bananas (when done put on a glass surface so it won't stick)

 and ta-dah :)


andrea said...

i hate you tali... for tempting me with this... it looks soooo good :P

Dionne said...

Oh wow. This sounds like the perfect midnight snack! I love it! Yummy!

Shannon of ** Happiness Is...** said...

Heaven in a bowl! Nummers! :) xo

ana said...

ohhhh. this is so my type of snack. looks so yummy.