Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Home Work - The living-room

When we first moved in to our apartment, about six months ago, we each brought our furniture from our previous apartments. It was a mish-mash of furniture (mostly Ikea stuff) that sort of worked together, but was awfully boring. Since we're both pretty busy, and since it looked somewhat complete, we didn't really tackle the living-room area, but somewhere in the back of our minds we knew we'd like to change it some day... Well, that "some day" has come!
It started a couple of months ago when my someone decided to invest in a brand new LCD television to replace his old 29" box of a TV. My favorite part about it, is that I could finally hang the TV on the wall and not have it stand on some sort of a counter. Then last month, as we were coming back home from our Yom Kippur ride, we stumbled upon a bunch of old doors that were thrown outside of an old building that's undergone some reconstruction. That meant Free-For-All :) So we grabbed one of those doors and took it home with us. We cleaned it up and put it aside until we figured out what to do with it. We knew we wanted to use it as a Media bench underneath the TV, instead of the unit we had, but the question was what kind of legs to put underneath it so it could stand higher than the ground. I found the answer last week as I was headed to the framing shop around the corner. Next to the frame shop is a carpenter's shop, and as I was passing by I noticed this cubed boxes, with no back or front (like a cubed shelf). I thought three of those would be just perfect, and so that's exactly what I got.
This last weekend my someone and I got right in to it and rearranged the furniture, getting rid of what we did not like any more, and moved around some stuff to make the living-room look roomier. The last thing we added was a little collage of old record covers, to add some interest to the room.
We love it! Hope you like it too :)

This is how it was before
And this is how it is now!


andrea said...

yay! i always look forward to your apartment posts! and it looks great, very creative :)

Amie McCracken said...

It looks wonderful! Much more centered and cohesive.

Little Gray Pixel said...

Nice! I love the record collage. We have a collage in our hallway. :-)

Ooty said...

wow lovelovelove the door placing, brilliant! It all looks so well together =)

oh, hello friend. said...

wow, even before it was nice but now it is so lovely :) you 2 are such a cute couple! xo.