Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Home Work - Our Office Space

For as long as I've been living on my own (flat-mates included) I've been wanting to create my dream home office. I had it all visualized in my head. The plans were all set. I just didn't have the right space for it (or the time & money to invest in it...). When my someone and I moved in to this apartment I could finally see it happening. We have just the right nook for my vision. It took us a few months to get going, and it wasn't such an easy task, but with the great help of my someone's { VERY talented } dad, we finally did it!
Here's a little photo recap of the entire process.

These are the desks we each had from before the move
 Taping the walls and preping for fresh paint
 Mixing the paint with water...
 Until it was smooth!
First I painted...
Then my someone took over

After the walls were painted it took us a couple more months before we finally found the time to continue on with the remodel. My vision was for floating tables and shelves. I didn't want any legs, and that was the tricky part, since the table tops were quite large, how do we get them to float without bending down or getting a center bend (we call that a "belly"). Lucky for us my someone's dad is a constructor and he knew exactly what to do. Watch and learn my dear friends :)

 So this is how our home office looked just a few days ago
 My someone's dad measuring and marking
 Cutting up metal bars to create the frame that will support the table tops
 Father & son placing the frame in the right spot
 Once it's all leveled then they screw it all in

Cutting a wooden bar for front support

 My someone checking to see how stable the frame is...
 And then his dad checked the stability with the table top on
 Measuring for the second table

 I wanted the second table to be a step down from the other one
 Sewing another wood beam for support
Screwing everything together
...and then screwing the table tops to the frames
 Putting up a shelf in the same technique as the table tops
 Creating a hole for the wires. We have them all tacked underneath the table

And the final result:
 At night time
And at day time


andrea despot said...

okay... well i know you already know how much i love your apartment projects... but this one, i'm speechless!!! i love the floating shelves idea and how you made the smaller one a little lower than the longer one. everything is seamless and looks so freaking wonderful! all i can say is: eek!!!

(so, when i have my own apartment, can i borrow your someone's dad??)

andrea despot said...

oh, and when i first opened this post i saw your someone leaning on the wall, shirtless and thought it was a post about him being all model-y :P

Amie McCracken said...

Right there with andrea...eeeee! I want I want I want. When we moved to Germany I asked for floating everything, I got most of it but my desk had to skip out. Next time we move. (I'm bookmarking this for my hubby to look at when I need a floating desk!)

ana said...

whoa! that is one amazing green. i love how the space turned out. :D looks like some serious work, but well worth it!

Ooty said...

you've got the perfect green shade! I love how it turned out - you lucky lucky one to have such a handy man around the house ;)

LuLu Kellogg said...

Tali...this is amazing and I LOVE that green color. What a wonderful office to work in!


ching said...

oooo... i'm speecheless.. this is really my dream come true.. I'm showing my 'someone' of what you have. :)

Shannon of ** Happiness Is...** said...

Bravo Tali! That is the prettiest kelly green. It would definitely inspire creation for me :) xo

Almost Precious said...

Truly amazing transformation. Everythiing so organized with places to store books and keep it all trim and tidy.
The green turned out beautifully, it is like a breath of fresh air.

Dawn said...

Love the Office redo! Looks great!