Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Stormy Weather

This past weekend Israel has finally joined the rest of the Northern Hemisphere and officially welcomed winter. But it wasn't just a late entrance, it was full blown HELLO! On Thursday evening the weather started shifting colder. By Friday morning it was already gray outside, and the wind was blowing like crazy. Then on Saturday came the rain. We received a mega winter storm with heavy showers and crazy winds that lasted until Monday night. Fortunately for me I spent most of the storm indoors, and on Sunday while I was cooped up at home I grabbed my camera and documented the storm from my indoors point of view.

Our balcony became a pool of water

If you'd like to read more and see just how wild this storm was you can look here and here

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andrea despot said...

the wind was super crazy here too at the beginning of the week. it died down but it SNOWED last night!

love the pictures :)

Dionne said...

Oh that raindrop pic on the puddle is soooo lovely! You capture everything so well!

rachel said...

love these photos... but eek, a balcony with that much water?! scary. hope the rest of your weekend is fantastic :)