Sunday, January 23, 2011

Birthday list *Update*

Back in October I posted up my 32 Things To Do Before I'm 33 list. It's been three months now, mid-way to my birthday and thus far I've only completed FOUR items out of 32. I have just three months to attempt completing 28 items, and though anything's possible, I am a bit skeptic about succeeding in this task. I can unfortunately guarantee you that items 7 and 19 will not be completed this time around.
So what have I checked off my list?

Item # 3 - 'finish the work station of my dreams' . It was one of the best projects my someone & I have done, and it was all thanks to his amazing dad! You can read all about it here as well as see photos of the whole process.
Item # 8 - 'Get my taxes/business properly sorted and registered' . It was a long process but I am glad to say that as of today I am all sorted out, properly registered and finally filed my 2009 tax forms (I was just a little bit late.... just a little)
Item # 22 - 'find the perfect little black dress' . Back in November I went shopping with my friend Jen and we visited my favorite shop "Liligrace". I can never go wrong there! I found the perfect little black tunic, which is actually more like a dress, and it's got pockets (which is what makes it perfect in my eyes!). But my luck didn't end there- last week I was looking for something to wear for a good friends' wedding, and I went straight to Liligrace. I found the most perfect little black skirt and guess what it's got? Yep, it has pockets(!!)
Item # 25 - 'spend a weekend away with my someone doing NOTHING' . Let me just say that this is definitely THE best item to check off this list :) So my someone and I took off for a mid-week weekend and it was amazingly good! See our recap here
OH, and I am almost done with item # 28 !

That's it for now. Hope I'll have more to update on this list before my time runs out...


Lynn said...

well i think you should feel proud of what you have accomplished cos they are good ones. especially crossing dreaded tax/business stuff off, bet that was a huge relief! good for you lades and i just know you'll pick out another few swell choices too. my gosh 32 is a high number. i've got like 4 things on a list for this year and everything else will just be a bonus. you inspire me all the time! ♥

andrea despot said...

yay for completing stuff on the list! i've come to the conclusion too that there are some things that will definitely not get done on my list. like a cleanse/detox! i've done a little research and who knew it actually cost money to do one? (since it's on your list too, if you know of a cheap way to do it, please let me know!)

i actually have a lot of stuff on my list that costs money to do and it doesn't really work when i'm trying to save money for my move to california... oh well.

ana said...

yay for knocking thigs off the list! :D love that the skirt has pockets.

Miss B. said...

Yea Miss Tali! I love crossing items off my list, I am rooting for you:)


Miss B.