Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Four on Tuesday

Happy Love Day! how did you celebrate V-Day?


photo.fashion.passion said...

וואו העוגיות האלה מדהימות, ראיתי משהו דומה בבלוג אוכל ישראלי וממש נהיה לי חשק להכין כאלה (תמיד אני בדיליי, כהרגלי..)


andrea despot said...

my mom took me out to eat for my valentine's day! so it was lovely :) how was yours?

andrea despot said...

those little heart cookies are adorable, by the way! i'm definitely "faving" them :)

ana said...

what great finds. :D i spent it with my lovely god-daughter.

Lynn {hearted girl} said...

oh gosh how i adore the x & o thread things!!!! so sweet. happy valentine week to you lades. thanks for the wishes too, you rock. and my goodness the sunset photos below are gorgeous!

we actually ended up going over to friends for dinner and fireside sits, totally impromptu but loads of fun.