Sunday, February 20, 2011


A while back I caught a blog post on my dear friend Andrea Despot's blog. She's a great blogger & also a very talented photographer. The post was about her new postcards that she had just listed on Etsy. They had round edges, which I absolutely love (!!) and that got me intrigued. I asked her about where she had gotten them printed from, and she informed me it was from She even offered to mail me a postcard so I can see for myself what they looked like. A week later I got her card in the mail. How sweet! Besides the fact that I just loved her photo, I was definitely pleased with the quality and look of it all. So much so, that I had decided to order some for myself. I got the design ready, uploaded everything to the site and got my order done... until it was shipping calculations time... Want to try and guess how much was it going to cost me, just the shipping part, for 3 packs of 20 5x7 cards from the U.S. to Israel...? well, it was about $80. No kidding. I thought I made a mistake with the address or something. This was about 3 times the cost of what I was shipping. I was frustrated. But then Andrea came to my rescue! She suggested I'd have them ship the package to her (since she lives in the U.S.) and then she will ship it to me. The difference in shipping costs? about a quarter of the cost! Well, to make a long story short I ordered the postcards, that got shipped to Andrea, who shipped them to me, and they have arrived nice and safely. Thanks Andrea!
Oh, and they are now listed on Etsy :)
Here are the fun photos I did with my someone for their listings


Ooty said...

absolutely beautiful!

Lynn {hearted girl} said...

oh yes, i too love the round edges!

good gosh though, that's a pretty penny for shipping. think i'd have lost my mind right then and there. what a great girl she is to come along and rescue your pocket jingly this way.

socks are officially rockin' seeing these beauties. adore the clothes hanging one total. you should be very proud of the life you're designing. ♥

pea ess: i just read your comment and girl i have to say it triggered a bit of a sob (been doing that a lot lately, but it's a good kinda thing, cleansing). to hear you've experienced a similar circumstance makes me feel not so alone but i am very sorry it's happening for you too. not sure what her email will result in but i do hope you receive something similar.

Heaven on Earth has all good things in store for your heart! xo

andrea despot said...

yay! they look really great - and i'm so glad i was able to help you out :) thanks for all the mentions about me! xo said...

מדהים מדהים מדהים! אין מילים! האיצרובל ממש מקסים.


Anika Lacerte said...

Wow, these look great! I especially like the pinecone. Did you use the value or premium cards? That's too bad the shipping is so outrageous.