Saturday, February 26, 2011

So it's not NYC...

Back in January I entered a photo competition held by on Facebook. Participants were instructed to print out a pre-made "wix was here" sign, in an size they'd like, and use it in their image in any original way they could think of. The winner will be the person who got the most amount of votes, and he or she will receive a trip for two to New York City (!)
So I got my wheels working and though up a concept, printed out the wix sign real small, and shot it inside my Cheerios bowl. (you can see it here). Then for the next three weeks I campaigned as hard as I could, here & on Facebook, trying to get the help of my friends in voting for my entry. My friends came through. You guys came through. I've received so many votes that for the most part of the competition I was among the top 20 (out of about 650-700 entries!). But I guess it just wasn't enough, cause a Mexican guy with a cowboy hat and a mustache got the jackpot. Congrats to him.
But it's not all bad folks, I did get a special tribute prize! The Wix peeps decided to grant four of the participants a $100 gift voucher to be used on Hurray!
Thanks to all who took the time and voted for me! Just let me know when I can return the favor :)

They wrote: "We're proud to announce the miracle four who won a special tribute prize for their great 'Wix Was Here' photos. Tali Schiffer, Danny Allen, Christian Tello and Leïla Zouiten, we sure hope you enjoy your $100 Amazon gift cards. You've earned them, big time!"


yael yaniv said...

loved your photo (-:

ana said...

yay! how awesome :)

andrea despot said...

yours was still the best :) but woo! i'm totally jealous of your $100 amazon gift certificate. i could use that up real fast :P

Stacey said...

Good for you!! Congrats. :)