Saturday, February 12, 2011

Winter Sunsets

Ever since we moved to our apartment on the outskirts of Yafo I've been obsessed with sunsets. How could I not be when almost every afternoon there is a natural display of light, colors, and clouds in the sky in front of our eyes?! It's become just about a daily routine for me, to glance out the window when the sun starts setting down west right into the Mediterranean sea. I even have my camera set on my desk, near the window, so if needed it would be at my service. The rooftops of old Yafo, and the palm trees on the hill in front of the sea, make for the perfect background to these amazing sunsets. And I simply can not stop capturing them!
These are a few taken this last December & January.

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tali said...

I remember seeing a whole bunch of sunsets before my waitering shift in Turkiz in yafo ajami(back in the days). I may just be in the flea market this friday, maybe i'll see you around.

andrea despot said...

good grief! so many amazing sunsets! these are so dramatic:

Shannon of ** Happiness Is...** said...

I'm obsessed with sunsets too :) These are stunning. I'm off to vote! Yay for you! xo