Saturday, March 12, 2011

Five stars re-design

Oh I can't express how glad i am to be blogging again! I've been wanting to put up this post four days ago and then our internet failed to connect. You see, it's been raining cats & dogs here for three days, which means it's very likely for system failures, and it just so happens that our internet line provider had a system failure in our area... Great. By the way, it's still not fixed.Although the system failure in the area has been fixed, for some unknown reason, our modem decided to play not nice with us, and it refuses to connect. Not just that it refuses to connect, it's frozen, with it's four lights constantly lit (they're supposed to flicker as a sign of communication...). We phoned the customer service line yesterday evening, and the conclusion was that we need a repair guy to come and fix the problem, BUT, since we live in Shabbat-keeping-Israel, they can only send the repair guy on Sunday, when the Shabbat is over... Great again... I was so frustrated last night with the thought of not having internet all day Saturday (which I finally have off from work...), when I got my salvation... We were over at my someone's parents house for dinner, and told my someone's dad about the internet problems we've been having. Then, he pulls out a USB modem he got a while back from Orange (communication provider) and gave it to us. Hurray!! So now, I can finally blog :)

OK, so back the original subject of this post... About a month ago I was asked by a good friend to come and shoot a room he & his team have re-designed at the David Intercontinental hotel here in Tel-Aviv. What an honor for them to have gotten this opportunity, and what a privilege for me to be able to photograph it all!
Here are some "Before" shots of how the room looked before Alon and his team got their hands on it

...And then this is how the room looked after their transformation...

...And this is the talented team :)

Thanks Alon for letting me take part in this! you guys did a fabulous job!
To see more of Alon's work visit his website here


LuLu Kellogg said...

What a great job they did and you captured the renovation beautifully! Great to see you Blogging again!!

xoxo said...

איזה יופי, הייתי שמחה לחדר שינה שכזה :)
אני אוהבת את הגוונים החמים האלה, והצמחים הקטנים כל כך יפים!


Michele Lynch Art said...

Love before and after pictures! They did a great job! Looks so much more up to date now! Great photos too! xo Michele

andrea despot said...

what a transformation! the room wasn't THAT bad to begin with, but it definitely looks more chic and stylish after their touch. the pictures are so great, tali! you should definitely put them on your portfolio website :)