Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Happy Products for Happy People

A few weeks ago my someone and I went on a stroll in the nearby flea market. Even though we've been through the market and everything around it about a million times, we always find something new that we haven't seen before. Sometimes it's a new restaurant or coffee shop that pops out of nowhere, sometimes it's just an item in a shop we've past by many times before, but haven't noticed it. We love exploring and discovering new gems in there. Well, this time it was a brand new shop. It opened up a few months ago, but I guess we haven't really paid attention until now. What caught our eye to begin with was a giant elephant sculpture created out of scraps of driftwood. Inside the shop we discovered a wonderland of beautiful furniture, decor items, lighting fixtures, and tableware. We were seriously drooling over everything in that store, holding tight to our wallets. This is not a store for people in our financial situation...
But it wasn't all out of our reach. In the corner of my eye I spotted the most cheerful coffee/tea set, alongside tea pots & sugar bowls, and cake stands. They are made by a wonderful company called PiP Studio (Pasionate inspirational Products) from Amsterdam. on the bottom of their products they write "Happy products for happy People". Just what I was looking for! I was all kinds of happy. Needless to say I wanted to get it all on the spot. But I didn't. And so for the next few weeks all I could think of was getting their cappuccino set.
Yesterday while my someone and I were out at the market I led us straight to that store. I scattered around until I saw my coveted set. With no hesitation I grabbed the blue set and awarded myself with my happy gift! Hurray!
I do have plans to expand my PiP collection in the future, but in the meantime I am quite content with seeing everything I like on their creatively fun website.
Here a few snapshots I took (how could I not??!)

How cool is their logo and writing underneath :)


ana said...

this is probably the cutest, most adorable set i've ever seen. :) so happy looking.

Little Gray Pixel said...

So pretty!

andrea despot said...

eek! it's so adorable! i love the colors: pale blue, red and pale pink/purple and yellow. love!

Shannon of ** Happiness Is...** said...


loveis said...

It's gorgeous! You have wonderful taste! The Dutch do have style!

Have a lovely day! Rambles with Reese