Monday, May 09, 2011

It's been forever...

Should I start with an apology...?
I've been gone for about a month from blogland. Not intentionally if I may add, but the fact is I haven't been around, and for that I am apologizing. April has been a very busy month for me and I just couldn't seem to find the time to sit down and update my blog, or even get updated on all those other blogs I love so much!
So what was I so busy with? Well, I'll start with the mundane- work at the restaurant. April was the month of Passover, which meant holiday, which meant increased numbers of customers, which meant increased amount of shifts I had to work... You get the picture, right? But this was all good, as April was my last month of working full time at the restaurant. I'm finally at a point where I can commit to my photography almost full time. So I've been busy preparing, arranging, and just getting some sort of business plan done, so I can start off right.
April was also the month in-which I celebrated my birthday. My 33rd birthday! It was one of the best birthdays I've celebrated thus far. It started off with a pampering massage given by my someone, then a surprise mail delivery of my You See i See book copy, then breakfast at La Gaterie and a stroll in the sunny streets of Tel Aviv, then dinner at Toto, and to finish off that day with a bang we went for drinks with our friends at the local bar the Norma Jean.
I of course have a thousand photos from that day, and from days that followed, and I promise to put it all up on here, just not all at once :) I also promise to try and update you guys more often, and to not disappear for so long ever again!
Here are the first set of photos from my birthday :)

P.S. It's Israel's 63rd Independence Day today!

4 comments: said...

יווו איזה מרגש זה, עושה רושם שיש לך ביד אוצר של ממש.

חג שמח!

andrea despot said...

i've missed you around here! but i saw your birthday photos on facebook and it sounds like it was perfectly wonderful! the book looks great - how exciting that you got a surprise copy!

ps. how'd you do on your 32 things to do list? i'm definitely not able to finish everything on mine and i only have 2 weeks left!

pps. photography full-time!?! you go girl!

Little Gray Pixel said...

You've been missed, girl! It's so exciting to hear that your photography is going so well you can quit your day job. Awww, to dream (for me, not you, obviously). And happy birthday!

Dionne said...

Missed you, Tali! But glad to see your post today!

THe book looks lovely - good for you!