Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A happy growing family

This last Sat. I was asked to come and photograph a special family. Mom & dad have two beautiful young boys, and are expecting a baby sister that will complete their family. This was meant to be a maternity shoot, but it evolved to something so much more than that!
I was greeted at the door by dad, and as soon as I entered the home their younger son declared his objection to be photographed. He kept chanting "I don't feel like it" every time mom or dad were trying to persuade him. I even offered to have him hold my camera and take a few snaps, but he wouldn't budge. His older brother on the other hand was very happy to pose and show-off to the camera :)
In any case, the plan was that I would start off with just mom, and we figured dad would take the boys outside to blow-off some energy, and then join us an hour later. So after the three boys left mom & I started snapping away. It was a fun session and mom was very natural and relaxed. When the boys came back we were ready to start our family part of the shoot. Of course we heard a few more "I don't feel like it", but after I started off with mom, dad, and older brother, he came along, and was quite the poser!
Here's a little glimpse of what we shot