Saturday, August 20, 2011

A special Wedding

A couple of weeks ago I shot a very special wedding. This was the wedding of Gili & Aharon, and it took place at the cave in Beit Govrin in Israel. I have shot many weddings before, all of which were Jewish weddings, but this was my first traditional religious Jewish wedding. The difference is in the details. Everything is more meaningful, every action has a reason, and the feeling of that entire day was more spiritual and holy.
Gili & Aharon did not see each-other for seven days before the wedding. In fact, they did not see each-other on the wedding day until just moments before the Huppa, when Aharon came and covered Gili with the veil. When their eyes re-met each-other at that special moment you could feel how much they love one another, and how much they've waited to reunite again. At the end of the ceremony, surrounded by chanting and dancing friends & family, Gili & Aharon were lead to their private room to spend their first moments together as husband & wife. Even the dancing at this wedding felt special & unique. The vibes and energy that everyone brought to this wedding were let out in their dancing, and I must say, this felt as the most joyous wedding party I have ever shot.
Thank you Gili & Aharon for letting me take part in your special day!

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LuLu Kellogg said...

I love seeing all these events through your eyes. I would have given anything if you could have photographed my wedding 5 years ago. You are indeed so very talented.

What a beautiful couple and beautiful event!