Monday, August 08, 2011

Talking about a revolution...

In the past month, give or take, there has been a revolution stirring up here in Israel. What had started on the pages of Facebook, an "event" calling people to come and live in tents in the center of Tel-Aviv, is now a full-bodied protest carried out in all corners of the country. It started with a simple cry-out for affordable housing, as opposed to the current situation of sky-rocketing rent prices and un-achievable price tags for buying a home. Since then every aspect of living has been added to this protest, all under the blanket of social justice.
It started with students & young couples, then the doctors & interns joined in, then the farmers, the mothers, the independents & freelancers, the therapists, the social workers, EVERYONE. Well, everyone but those who sit high and mighty at the head of the state and the markets, those who can afford to buy us all, they haven't joined in...
Last Saturday night, and every Sat. night for the past three weeks, hundreds of thousands of people took out to the streets all over the country to protest. It was civil. No violence. Nothing but unity and a feeling of one-for-all. With their signs raised up high, everyone chanted "The people demand social justice". My someone and I were among them and it was a humbling experience to be part of what could be an important milestone in the history of our country.
Where would this take us? I have to say I am a bit skeptic about the outcome, but only time will tell. The solution will not be a quick fix, but even if takes a few years to take effect, at least we've made a difference for our future.
Here are some videos and some photos from the protest. These are all in Hebrew, I do apologize, but even without understanding the words, the message is clear- The Israeli people have had enough!

(People chanting "the people are demanding social justice") 

(photos taken from various sources)

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andrea despot said...

wow... so many people. what an amazing thing for you to be a part of! i hope the situation gets resolved, even if it takes awhile :)