Thursday, September 22, 2011

I finally did it!

It's been a really busy Summer, and it seems the beginning of Fall is no exception. I've been extremely busy with wedding shoots, and work at the restaurant, and now to top it all, I am starting to be busy with planning our own wedding. It's all good though, I really am not complaining! I just wish I had more time to invest in telling you all about everything that's going on...
Perhaps in a few weeks when the holidays kick in, I will have a bit more down time to relax and write some posts. I have many photos to share with you from all my couples weddings :)
Now, on a completely different note, I am excited to tell you about something I did, that I have been wanting to do for the past couple of years... Do you remember this post? It was almost a year ago that I wrote it, and since then it's been on my mind. But that's where it stayed. I didn't really get around to it until a few months ago when I got a friendly Facebook note informing me that my friend Stella is in Tattoo school, and will be soon accepting volunteers to ink as part of her training. Now that might sound a bit dodgy to most, as ink is so permanent and well, she's still learning, but I had complete faith in her. She's a talented artist all on her own, and I somehow knew I would be in safe hands. (Plus she inked four other volunteers before she came around to me...)
So this past Monday my someone & I (and the camera) went to get inked. I got inked, my someone just documented the whole process :)
I am extremely happy with the result, and I am so grateful to Stella for doing it! What do you guys think?

 The Design ; Signing off

 Getting prepped

 Outlining the tattoo

 Smiling through the pain :)

 One bird done, four more to go...

 Filling in with ink

 LAST bird!

 Final check & touch-ups

 My point of view

 The last stretch (it burns!)